Are there any online casino sponsorships in the NBA?


The simple answer to this question is yes. In June 2018, the NBA announced that it had finalized its partnership project with a sponsor. The sponsor then became a reputable bookmaker funded by MGM Resorts.

Since then, several sponsorship agreements have been concluded. The result has been that many NBA teams have negotiated deals that amount to millions of dollars. At the time, after signing the agreement, MGM Resorts was announced as the sole official partner of the WNBA and the NBA.

This first partnership obviously opened the way to larger and more interesting offers. So, did the NBA expect any sponsorship deals from online casinos in the following years? And the 2022 season?

Online casinos and betting companies sponsoring the NBA

Like 2018 and the years since, the NBA will secure sponsorship deals from other partners. The National Basketball Association is a huge tournament that isn’t just for the American people. Bettors in other parts of the world love the NBA and want to know what’s going on every day.

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When he broke the news of the new partnership between MGM Resorts and the NBA in 2018, Jim Murren called the partnership historic. “We are delighted to be the first official sponsor of the NBA. It means a lot to the MGM family. We do not take this lightly. My team and I will work hard to make this partnership a success, ”said Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts.

For his part, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver praised the deal, saying it shows the confidence the NBA has in MGM. “We accept the deal because we trust you. We prefer operators who provide consumers with the best experience by winning their hearts with quality products and services, ”said Silver.

With the conclusion of the partnership agreement, this meant that MGM Resorts could now use all of its resources to ensure the success of the basketball games. This of course included the official play partner to use NBA data, logos, as well as league highlights among other things.

Industry experts say the hefty deal would earn MGM Resorts at least $ 25 million. In addition, the commissioner then said that by accepting the deal, MGM would have a greater advantage than its competitors.

Betway signs sponsorship deal with five teams

It looks like MGM Resorts has paved the way for other sports giants to find lucrative deals. Earlier this year, gaming giant Betway announced that it had entered into a sponsorship deal that would allow it to sponsor five NBA teams.

Meanwhile, according to Business Wire, Betway is also more successful in securing sponsorship deals outside of the NBA. Returning to the NBA, the gaming giant is proud that this is the first deal, the company will do everything possible to make it a success.

According to Betway, the landmark deal is perhaps the most lucrative partnership the company has ever entered into on American soil. The deal becomes the first successful sponsorship deal that gives an online betting company a chance to sponsor the NHL and the NBA.

Additionally, the deal comes after Betway secured market access through Digital Gaming Corporation. Speaking of the deal, Betway CEO Anthony Werkman said they were proud as a team.

“This is an extremely exciting time for Betway. As a brand that has tried to infiltrate the international market, we are more than happy with this historic deal. We know it wouldn’t be easy without our DGC partners.

Through this first licensing partner, we were able to secure an agreement to sponsor six prestigious teams participating in the US sports arena, ”said Mr. Werkman.

The CEO also stressed that the deal gives the company a chance to present itself as an international sports partner. It is sad, however, that the finer details of the sponsorship deal have not been released to the public.

Even so, sources close to the deal say signage at both NHL and NBA arenas will feature prominently. In addition, the brand owned by the NHL team can only be featured on high-end digital assets.

NBA teams featured in Betway sponsorship deal

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t much information about the teams that will be captured in the Betway sponsorship deal. However, information in the public domain seems to suggest that the number of teams is already specified.

Additionally, close sources confirm that the five NBA teams will feature Eastern Conference giants the Brooklyn Nets. Other names that appear when the deal is mentioned include Golden State Warriors, which coincidentally includes Stephen Curry and Chicago Bulls, a team that has won the trophy six times.

The Los Angeles Clippers as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 2016 championship winners will also be covered by the agreement.

Besides the NBA, Betway’s sponsorship deal will cover NHL teams. For its part, the NHL will present two teams namely, the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Islanders. Settling for these two teams was no accident for Betway.

The New York Islanders have won the Stanley Cup four times. The Los Angeles Kings, meanwhile, have won the Cup twice. One of those moments is when the team was playing at home with Wayne Gretzky, who is considered a legend.

The deal also didn’t reveal all the details about which team will be on which platform. However, to our knowledge, the Los Angeles Kings are one of the NHL and NBA teams that will be featured on the sponsorship deal arena signage. The team will also be present on the digital assets of the agreement.

Although Betway was established in 2006, it has not conquered the North American market as it could. For many years, the gaming giant has focused on other international markets. He is one of the biggest players in the football industry.

The company has a strong presence in the English Premier League and other European leagues. Over the years, the company has made a name for itself. So far, in North America, the company offers betting platforms at Betway Esports, Betway Vegas, Sportsbooks and Betway casinos.

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