Background to the history of the best online slots

The online slots with the best background stories are usually the ones based on actual stories. Below are some online slots, based on famous children’s books.

Goldilocks and the wild bears

Goldilocks and the Wild Bears offers an interesting take on the classic fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. In the fairy tale, Goldilocks is portrayed as a greedy little girl. There were three bears living in a house in the woods: a daddy bear, a mama bear, and a baby bear. One morning, they decided to take a walk to give their porridge time to cool off. While they were away, Goldilocks found their home. She knocked and as no one answered, she entered. She was hungry so she sat down to eat. She ate a spoon from mom and dad’s bowls, but finished the baby bear porridge. She then fell asleep in the baby bear crib. When they came back and noticed someone was in the house, Papa Bear growled. He surprised Goldilocks and she ran away.

However, in the slot you can click to view now, players can see Goldilocks mock wild bears and help you win tastier prizes than any bowl of porridge. It features all the characters from the fairy tale and special symbols like multiplier wilds, free spins, and expanding multipliers.

Big bad wolf

The Big Bad Wolf slot machine is based on the famous fairy tale of the three little pigs. In this fairy tale, the three pigs built three houses using three different materials. The first pigsty was made of straw, the second of sticks and the third of bricks. The wolf was able to blow up the first two houses (made of straw and sticks) but he was unable to blow up the brick house. The moral of the story is that taking the time to do something right pays off.

However, the slot machine is played from a wolf point of view and your main objective is to blow up the brick house. To do this, the Blow the House Down function must be activated. Landing 6 moons will activate this feature. Symbols include the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.

Treasure island

This slot machine is based on the classic tale by Robert Louis Stephenson. The main character is Jim, a young boy who lived with his parents in an inn in England. When Billy Bones, a former ship captain, dies at the inn, Jim and his mother open his safe and find a map and a logbook. When they hear people outside, they quickly leave with the documents. The map leads to a buried treasure on a distant island. On the island, Jim witnesses a murder and ends up killing someone as well. They return home with the treasure but Jim has nightmares and swears not to hunt the treasure.

The slit design really nailed this theme. Features include Pirate Attack, which is triggered by lining up two or more Barrel Wild symbols, and Treasure Hunt, where you have to find Ben Gunn’s cave to win.

If you are looking to get lost in a slot machine with a great story, give them a try. Enjoy!

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