Belgium bans online casinos and sports betting under the same domain

The Constitutional Court in Belgium canceled on Gambling Act 1999 after a long hearing and will now require licensed operators in the country to offer online casino games through one domain and sports betting through another domain. Prior to the cancellation, licensed operators had the option of offering both online casino and sports betting services under the same domain.

The debate over whether licensed operators can offer sports betting and online casino games under the same domain has been going on for years. The Brussels Court of Appeal ruled in 2017 that it was legal for operators to operate both sports betting and online casino games under the same domain.

However, in 2018 the Constitutional Court ruled differently and said that land-based casinos cannot offer online gambling services on their same site. Land-based casino operators should create a separate site for online gaming services. Likewise, online gambling operators should also set up two online sports betting and gambling sites.

This decision of the Constitutional Court was challenged by the European Gambling and Betting Association (EGBA) and supported by the Council of Ministers which argued that land-based casino operators should be allowed to offer online casino games through the same domain name.

The back and forth in recent years ended with the closure of the Council of Ministers by the Constitutional Court and the decision that there should be two different sites for online casinos and sports betting.

Operators will need to make the changes

Gaming and betting operators prefer to host both betting and online casino games under one domain. This makes it easier for their players to meet all of their gaming and betting needs under one domain with the same username and password. They also don’t need to keep track of different accounts and make two separate deposits.

The new decision will now force operators to split their casino and online betting services. The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) has canceled the gaming license of Austria International Casinos (CAI) on this law and as a result, Betway had to shut down its online casino and betting sites.

Betway was using the CAI license to offer both online casino and sports betting services through its site.

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