Best mobile payment methods for online slots


Cell phones have not only made our lives infinitely easier and more convenient, but they are also a great source of entertainment. As the complexity of mobile games grows, slot machine games remain the marked preference of a large number of people.

However, the thought of entering sensitive bank details into virtual cyberspace can be a worrying prospect for many. Using reliable payment systems is essential when playing slots online, which can be done using slot machine sites that accept PayPal. PayPal is one of the world’s best-known online payment providers.

To help keep you safe, this article details some of the most recommended payment methods to use when playing slots online.

The popularity of online slots

For almost all casinos, slots are one of the most popular games and attract a huge player base. Going online has only increased the number of slot machine players, as playing online offers a range of exclusive benefits.

Convenience is one of the most crucial aspects that has helped online slots reach the level of popularity they are seeing today. Without a long trip to an arcade or casino, playing slots is now as easy as opening an app.

They are accessible anywhere and anytime, which means that the fun of online slots is no longer limited by distance or time.

Another advantage of playing on mobile is the huge range of slot machine variants now accessible with just a few clicks. Each individual game has a different theme, with unique visuals and sound to provide a varied experience, even for frequent gamers.

Often times these themes are based on pop culture including Monopoly and The Chase which are often some of the most played.

In addition to the thematic changes, there are also variations on a minimum bet as well as slots with alternate rules. Slingo is a popular form of slot machine for playing online, getting its name from the way it combines slots and bingo.

Additionally, the progressive jackpots offered by online slots are a key part of their popularity, with payouts reaching into the millions. Another great advantage of playing slots on mobile is that now almost every business has released a compatible app. These apps make the use of slots as seamless and easy as possible, with a clean layout and easily navigable.

payment methods

Best mobile payment methods for online slots

To make slots as accessible as possible, slot providers need to support a range of payment methods. Each customer has their preferred payment method, and using each should be safe and easy.

the majority of methods listed below offer fast deposits and withdrawals, with little or no transaction fees. Due to the way mobile devices save passwords and make them immediately accessible, even using external sites can be done almost instantly.

However, some payment methods are subject to the laws of certain countries, which means that they may not apply universally.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay features one of the fastest, easiest payment methods and can be completed in seconds. Since a debit or credit card is already linked to the mobile device, authorizing a payment only requires a touch or face ID.

While this is a useful feature for any Apple user, this feature is obviously only accessible on iOS.

Pay Pal

PayPal is highly regarded as a safe payment tool that often guarantees consumer protection, making it a great choice for online slots.

A customer can add a certain amount to their PayPal account or link it to a debit card for unlimited withdrawals. Therefore, the user has the opportunity to guard against potential losses by using only the predetermined amount in his account.

Debit / credit card

Another way to enjoy online mobile slots is to simply add a debit or credit card directly to the site itself. This is perhaps the easiest because it does not require any service or external account. Credit cards offer more flexibility as they allow the customer to add funds that they will pay off at a later date.

However, some countries have banned the use of credit cards when using online casino sites, subjecting this option to location.


The recent rise in popularity of crypto-currencies led them to infiltrate the slot machine market as well. Due to the anonymity offered by cryptography, its use for casino games can be additional protection against scammers.

Prepaid cards

Another popular payment method is the use of prepaid cards. These can be purchased online or in person and protect against potential loss by containing a fixed amount of money.

As a result, prepaid cards are a great way to limit the amount spent, however, the money cannot be withdrawn.

Best mobile payment methods for online slots

Internet security

Despite all of its advantages, the internet can be a dangerous place, with crooks and fraudsters an unfortunate inevitability. Stay safe and secure your financial information are of the utmost importance when playing online slots.

When playing mobile slots, try to only use companies you can trust. Usually, those who have apps on the Appstore are safe, as any illegitimate apps should be removed promptly.

In addition to being attentive to sites or applications, the use of a trusted payment method is also necessary.


Mobile devices are home to an almost endless selection of advanced games, but for many, slots remain their preference. There are now more ways than ever to add funds online and waste hours playing slots. However, with the potential security risk that every internet user must assume, it is essential to ensure that all financial information is secure. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the above payment methods which are both secure and convenient.


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