Betway App Download for Android and iOS – 2022 Version

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Betway App Download for Android and iOS – 2022 Version

Posted on March 1, 2022

The betway application is designed specifically for mobile users and is the perfect analogue of the official site. The app is very similar in design to the website and offers all the same functionality as the betway website. The betway app can be used by iPhone and Android users. By installing the app, you don’t have to worry about spending your money because the app is absolutely free. You can simply place a shortcut on the main screen of your smartphone and with a few clicks you will be able to use all the features of the bookmaker.

Types of betway applications

The bookmaker has two applications, which are fundamentally different from each other. The first application is for betting fans and the second for casino fans. When you download the app from the official website, you will be able to make a choice based on your preference.

How do I download and install the Betway app?

The download and installation process is pretty much the same as other online betting apps. For detailed information on how to install app bet for Android and iPhone users, you can read the information below.

Download the Betway app for iPhone

  1. Go to the Apple App Store;
  2. Enter “Betway App” in the search field;
  3. Choose one of the offers (for the casino or the bets);
  4. Click the install button/.

Download the Betway app for Android

  1. Visit official betway website;
  2. Scroll down ;
  3. Click on the sign with the Android icon and “Download our Android app”;
  4. Download the application that interests you (for betting or the casino);
  5. You will receive a message that an unknown application will be downloaded to your device, please confirm it;
  6. After downloading the application, click on it and then install it;
  7. Authorize in your personal account.

Advantages of the application compared to the official site

Although the app is analogous to the website, it has several advantages over the website. You can find the most important of them by reading the information below.

Work faster. Since you are the only one using the app on your phone and there are a large number of people on the site at the same time, the app gains in performance.

Bonuses. Many bookmakers offer their customers different rewards for installing the app and apart from having a decent website counterpart you also get a nice bonus.

Offline mode. Probably the most important advantage over the site. When using the app, you can use offline mode, which allows you to perform various basic functions. The site doesn’t have this feature, so if you don’t have an internet connection, you won’t be able to do anything.

Notifications. When using the app, you can activate the notification feature and keep up to date with all the news from the bookmaker using your smartphone.

Technical work. There are situations where the site is undergoing technical work and it simply does not work, in which case you can visit the mobile application, which is likely to be fully functional.

Beways customer service

It is very important for any major bookmaker that user issues are resolved as quickly as possible. For this purpose, a good support service is created, which solves problems of any complexity. Betway is no exception and to solve the problem, three options are offered to customers:

Mobile phone: The most standard and convenient way, you can contact one of our staff on +44 207 062 5466 and solve the problem live;

Live chat;

E-mail: [email protected]

Before contacting support, read the information on the “Support” tab, there is a lot of useful information, after reading which you are likely to solve your problem without outside help.


Does the betway app take up a lot of space on my smartphone?

Smartphones nowadays are made with huge amount of memory, so the bookmaker app will not take up much free space on your device. As for Android users, the app for their phone weighs around 30MB, and for iPhone owners, that number is around 50MB.

Can the app completely replace the website?

The app has a similar design and gives you the same functionality as the website. The only difference is some little things, some details are better than the website and some are better than the app. So we can say that you should be guided by your personal preferences and if you feel comfortable with the app, you don’t have to use the website.

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