Casino apps or online slots in the browser: which one to choose?

One of the reasons online gambling is so popular is its accessibility. You can play at home via PC, or you can use a smartphone and play wherever you want. Of course, user experience is important, so it’s easy to see why some of the player base prefer slots on a browser and some on their phone screen. Here we will talk about the main differences between playing on a casino website and using an app. Both have their pros and cons, so it will always depend on your personal preference.

Payment Security

One thing that makes apps more secure is payment processing. First, when a casino wants to make their app available, they usually put it on App Store and Google Play. However, it is possible that due to certain restrictions, the application is not always available on Google Play and must be downloaded via the API. However, publishing to the App Store requires the app to adhere to certain protocols that make it safe to use. Moreover, it allows users to pay using popular e-wallets:

  • Pay Apple
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Wallet

Another great payment option is also available in Australia and is called PayID. Basically, you can use your phone number to receive payment to your bank account. This is why online casinos that accept Payid are considered a safe option for players. Again, this option is available through the app, but is often available for those who prefer to play through a browser. In other words, it is important that both options have safe ways to transfer money.


Truth be told, many online casinos are just mobile-friendly and don’t even bother to create an app for smartphones. However, it’s still slightly more convenient to access games when you just log in through the app. This easy access is why many busy people, like tennis players and other athletes, enjoy playing online casino games on their break. They can have a meaningful slot game session even if it only lasts 10 minutes. After all, they don’t have much time to spare, so every minute counts.

Better playability

The majority of online casinos simply host games from other developers. These slots are already designed to be mobile friendly, that’s why there is a little difference between browser slots and mobile app slots. That being said, a better optimized app is less likely to crash than a browser game. Additionally, operators can add exclusive content for those who use the app. In fact, they have a good reason to trick users into downloading the app, and they want to make it superior to the browser.


User engagement is an important metric for just about every business. That’s why many online platforms also offer mobile apps. This allows them to send notifications more frequently and communicate directly with the user. When relying on the website, email notifications can easily end up in spam. Also, they get lost in other emails the user receives, so it’s a more direct approach. To that end, the app is a more direct way to communicate updates.


One of the biggest downsides to playing through the app is that you’re using a device that’s also a phone. This means that if the battery is low, the phone can automatically suspend the app to save power. Additionally, your game session may be interrupted if you receive a phone call. This can be very frustrating, especially if it happens during a bonus round when your winnings are greatly multiplied.

Use other tabs

You don’t really get the many benefits of using a browser if you’re playing slots. But if you play blackjack, you can open a perfect blackjack guide in another tab and use it to your advantage. However, people generally like to listen to music while gaming. If you’re already using an app, this can be tricky. If you play on PC and use a browser, it’s easy to turn off the slot game and play something you like on YouTube or Spotify.

Additionally, you might want to listen to a podcast or something else while playing slots. In this case, you may frequently switch tabs in order to rewind the clip because you want to listen to certain sections again.


Playing on your phone lets you be more private. When you’re using a PC, everyone nearby can see your screen. It’s a different story with a smartphone, and many prefer to keep this hobby private. Also, almost every family member owns a telephone, while a household owns one or two computers. In other words, you will still be able to play if you use an app on your smartphone.

Free Slots

If you are an Android user and don’t want to spend money on casino games, playing through the app is the perfect solution for you. You can find several free slot machines on Google Play and download them. In reality, you can play a demo version at any online casino, but it’s not the same thing. These apps have some sort of virtual coins that you can spend on buying other things in the slots game, so your winnings are actually significant.


I hope you agree with this comparison. There are many advantages to playing slots using the app, but when it comes to other casino games, the browser gives you a more significant advantage. Also, if you like music or listen to something else in the background, then again, the browser should be your go-to option. Besides potential interruptions and battery life, the app version of the slots will be better. You have access to free games and you may be able to enjoy some content that is not available on the browser. Also, the overall experience is slightly better in some cases.

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