Common online casino scams and key security measures to observe

Due to the increase in online security vulnerabilities, security is paramount when playing online casino. Scammers go to great lengths to steal your money, get away with theft, or hide behind shady terms. For example, many online casino scammers hide behind numerous firewalls that make it difficult to track the location of scammers.

In some cases, scammers create scam sites that look like legitimate casinos to lure you in. So your first line of defense is knowledge. But, first, understand how online scammers work and how to be smarter than trickery.

How Fraudulent Online Casinos Target Naive Users

Many people fall victim to online casino scams, but you can avoid illegitimate sites with thorough research. However, even legitimate sites often fall victim to scammers. One of the worst ways black hats affect legitimate casinos is ruining their reputation. So what tricks do scammers use to steal or impersonate legitimate online casinos? Keep reading to find out.

Identity theft

The black hats steal and sell your information to the highest bidder. Many bidders would like to buy your data and are waiting for your character. The information is then used to beat you at the poker table and other games. While identity threat is a huge risk in online casinos, identity theft laws carry huge penalties. Due to the consequences, the option is less attractive to thieves.

Deposit theft

Deposit theft occurs when you deposit funds but are unable to withdraw them. A common way for scam sites to do this is to freeze your accounts or close your accounts. After that, you have to go through endless operations to reactivate your account. Even if you contact customer service, you get no help or the agents ignore your calls. If your deposit is small, you will probably abandon the search.


Some online entities will convince you to download the software as part of the registration process. If you work with a trusted online casino, the software is an integral part of the startup. The problem arises when black hats create a fraudulent site. The software tells you that your files are now owned by someone else unless you pay when the download is complete.

rigged games

Fixed games occur when the casino lets you win, then eliminates all of your winnings in one move. Online scammers seek to use unfair means to make you lose money. So, scammers only need good rigged software or pirated versions of legitimate games. Pirated versions are difficult to spot with untrained eyes due to the close similarity to the original version.

Non-payment of winnings

Refusing to pay out winnings can dash your hopes after achieving your dreams, especially if your winning involves a large sum. Unfortunately, many casinos blatantly refuse to pay you or ignore your calls and emails. Instead, the casino cites a clause that gives them the right not to pay in certain cases. You will be shocked at how many casinos get away with such trickery because of a clause in the terms.

Security measures against casino scammers

Online casinos offer many fun games and opportunities. So, scam sites and online casino scammers shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Your role is to stay safe and take precautions to get the best online casino experience. Here are six tips for staying ahead of scammers and security threats.


Use secure online casinos

The first step in online casino security is to verify online casinos before opening an account. Check if the casino has all the certifications and licenses required by law. A law-abiding casino prioritizes the security of your information and accounts. Failure to do so puts the reputation of the casino at stake and could attract legal action, an issue that legitimate casinos often avoid.

Only play on licensed sites

Some fraudulent casinos operate without a license, but the casino’s website states otherwise. When you visit an online casino, go to the “About me” section, find and save the certificate for reference. If you can’t find one, ask customer service for the license number and check its authenticity. But don’t sign up at a casino that refuses to display or show you a license.

Understand the terms and conditions

The online casino terms and conditions contain a lot of information about how the casino operates. Vital information includes bonus claims, how to deposit and withdraw funds, and how the casino handles your data. Unfortunately, scammers know how to be shady in terms and conditions because many users don’t read the terms. So, check the terms and avoid casinos with shady terms.

Do not download unknown software

Do not download anything that appears on your screen when you are on an online platform. You could end up with a virus or other malware that ruins your device or asks you to pay or lose your files. Instead, do your due diligence when a legitimate site requires you to download software. For example, read reviews, call customer service and ask why you should download the software.

Be careful with your bank details

Many established online casinos offer several payment options: prepaid cards, bank transfers, debit and credit cards. The payment methods are secure, but the problem arises when your details fall into the hands of scammers who wipe out your account. Preferably create a separate account for online casino games and use a card that limits the amount you spend.

Don’t be fooled by exaggerated bonuses

Many casinos offer sign-up incentives and welcome bonuses to make online casinos more appealing. However, such incentives are only profitable with legitimate casinos. Fraudulent online casinos lure you with various bonuses that seem too good to be true. The total you will pay for this is greater than the value of the bonuses. So, check the terms and conditions of the bonus rules before signing up.


The various online scams should not scare you because laws exist to protect you. Plus, you can always take precautions to stay safe. First, sign up and play with a reliable casino that cares about your well-being. Then, observe the security measures above to protect your money from online thieves, and you’ll be good to go.

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