Data analytics technology is changing the online casino industry

Poor data quality costs the US economy trillions of dollars a year, which is why the growth of the big data analytics market has been so revolutionary. By 2027, the big data analytics industry is expected to reach $103 billion, and over the past few years it has helped multiple industries in multiple ways, from healthcare and finance to meteorology. Interestingly, data analytics technology has also helped the online casino industry, otherwise known as the iGaming sector.

Online casinos use data analytics

Online casinos are a business, so like Amazon or Facebook, these platforms want to collect data about their customers to better understand their needs and interests. Knowing which casino games are played the most, how much money is spent per user, and what motivates individuals to stay on the site helps casino operators improve the overall gaming and user experience. It’s a victory for the public since the gaming experience is adapted to them. However, access to customer data also helps casino operators improve the efficiency and focus of their digital marketing efforts. For example, if the data collected indicates that the slot game Rainbow Riches is the most popular, casino operators could focus their marketing efforts on creating a campaign around this game.

Other technologies adopted by the industry

Of course, it’s no surprise to see the online casino industry capitalizing on data analytics technology. Viral and breakthrough technologies have long been used in the industry to attract and retain users, and one of the best examples is live streaming technology.

While players love the ease and accessibility of online casinos, some also lack the authentic atmosphere of a land-based casino and having a real dealer rather than an AI generator. This is one of the main reasons why almost all casino operators have streaming features in place. For example, live dealer games are broadcast live from a studio, and a real dealer handles the action on a screen that players can interact with. Typically, players type their comments into a chat box and the dealer responds in real time. According to the Casino Smash review site, live dealer casinos follow the same rules as traditional casino games, such as winning combinations and betting rounds. The only difference is that they are not controlled by artificial intelligence.

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Additionally, augmented reality and virtual reality are two other technologies that online casinos have embraced. Again, this comes down to trying to create an authentic and real gaming experience for customers. Many casino operators use AR/VR software to make graphics, images, and other game elements more realistic. The focus on creating realistic gameplay is something we see in video games as well.

The online casino industry has grown into a billion-dollar market thanks to reliable new technologies such as data analytics, live streaming, and virtual and augmented reality. Since new technologies emerge all the time, it seems likely that the online casino industry will see even more changes and improvements in the years to come.

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