Different types of football bets

Football betting is popular due to the wide range of betting possibilities, commonly known as available bets. With more options for placing bets, through these different bets there is also more potential to win money. Football fans often put their skills to the test by battling against bookmakers for extra money or income.

There are different possibilities to try your luck and predict the outcome of a football match, including who will win, how many goals will be scored, who will win a red card and more. Other sports can only offer limited stakes before becoming monotonous and repetitive. This tutorial will go over the most common types of football bets you will find on the best sports betting sites for those new to football betting.

Moneyline or Match Winner Bets

The simplest football bet is the Moneyline bet (also known as the match winner bet). You will win this bet if your prediction is correct. You just have to predict who will win the game.

Bets Win-Draw

Except for the addition of the “draw”, the Win-Draw bet is quite similar to the Moneyline bet. Due to the higher payouts offered by most bookmakers, soccer draw betting is very popular.

Double chance betting

Another simple option in football betting, ideal for newcomers, is double chance. As the name suggests, you have two ways to win this bet. You will be given three to five possible game outcomes to choose from, and you must select two of them. You will win this bet if one of your selections occurs.

Handicap betting

A sophisticated alternative to online soccer betting is handicap. You can place a bet on any of the many handicaps offered for this type of game on the betting board. You can even create your own handicap and display it on the betting board of some online bookmakers. Here you are basically betting on winning margins. You cannot rely on your intuition alone to win this bet. It takes study.

Bets on the final score

Although the terms of the bet are simple, the odds of winning are extremely slim. To win, all you have to do is predict the final score of the game. You can place as many bets as you want on the many options in the table, but each option has a different payout depending on its popularity.

Half-time betting

In this type of bet, you bet on the results at half time rather than the final score of the match.

Total goals or Under/Over bets

Due to the limited options and favorable odds, this bet is a favorite among those who bet on football online. For a particular game, the bookmaker sets a goal number. Then you make a prediction as to whether the combined points of both teams in that game will be over or under the predetermined amount. You will win in this bet if your prediction is correct.

Direct or future bets

This type of bet is seasonal or long term. The results cannot be predicted, unlike ordinary betting, where you can cash out your profits immediately after the match. The ultimate champions or series winners are the basis for pure or future bets. Due to its long-term betting results, this type of bet has the disadvantage that minimum bets often apply.

Parlay bet

In a parlay bet, several bets are combined into a single bet. The probability of winning is difficult since all betting selections must be correct to win the parlay. However, since the jackpot is the sum of all the individual bets you combine, they can yield advantageous payouts.

Make informed decisions

Placing a few bets on the upcoming match can be a great way to enhance your sports experience if you enjoy watching football. After reading our football betting guide several times, start researching the players and competitions you want to bet on. Compare the best sportsbooks online before placing a football bet and use a sportsbook welcome bonus when you create a new account to ensure you have the best gaming experience.

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