English football clubs sponsored by online casino and betting sites

There is a deep synergy between sports and gaming. This relationship has expanded from targeted marketing and advertising campaigns to increased platforms for broader reach. Betting companies have made this possible for subscribers. Various teams actively offer gambling sponsorships, and major casinos and their partners are involved in managing them.


Burnley is one of the founding clubs of the Football League which was established in 1888. The team’s nickname – ‘the Clarets’ – reflects the main color of the local uniform. Burnley have signed a sponsorship deal with one of Asia’s leading betting platforms, BK8. In this association, BK8 has been appointed official Asian betting sponsor for the upcoming season.

This alliance is based on shared values ​​of international leadership, fair play and the goal of providing viewers with high quality entertainment. All BK8 players benefit from numerous offers and bonuses. It offers a wide variety of odds that you won’t want to miss, especially in football. BK8 will become Burnley’s official training wear partner, while the deal also sees the Burnley in the Community charity receiving a £15,000 donation.

crystal palace

Crystal Palace is a professional football club from Croydon, South London. He currently plays in the Premier League, the highest division in the English football league system. The club was founded in 1905. The club’s main rivals are Brighton & Hove Albion. Crystal Palace have reached the FA Cup final twice, but lost both times to Manchester United.

Crystal Palace also formed partnerships with betting operator BK8 following the start of the 2022/23 season. They are popular and enjoy an excellent reputation. League clubs sometimes enter into a sponsorship deal to continue their participation in the league, that’s exactly what happened here. BK8 joins an exclusive group of global brands working with the club in an expanding program of innovative business relationships.

Manchester City

The history of one of the UK’s top teams can be safely divided into what was before the last day of summer 2008 and what was after. Before the takeover of the club by billionaires from the United Arab Emirates, it did not show good results. The team occasionally won the national trophy, but the arrival of Sheik Mansour transformed it into one of the hegemonies of British football.

Such successes attract the attention of American bookmakers. New Jersey has the largest selection of real money betting companies. Game sponsorships with Manchester United, Fulham and Newcastle are actively promoted. According to reviews of NJ online casinos that offer the most secure gambling sites, they are also interested in cooperating with AC Milan and other famous clubs. NJ players have the most game options of any state.

ManCity supports the famous sports betting operator. 8XBet is the official partner of the league club. The bookmaker is known to have a high level of fighting match-fixing with various organizations. Additionally, thanks to game sponsors, players receive quality analysis on how potential transfers could end up, as well as advice on odds.

Thanks to 8XBet, subscribers have received various casino bonuses, promotions and awards. There is also the possibility of renegotiating the terms of the partnership with the club if they win the English Premier League in the near future. This will be good news as competition and bonuses from casinos and bookmakers have increased lately.


It is a professional English football club from Liverpool. They were founded in 1878 and are champions of England nine times, ranking seventh in the list of the most successful EPL teams in the country. Each season, the club has increased its fan base, forcing the management to be constantly on the lookout for a new arena that could accommodate everyone who comes to football matches. Recently, they signed a sponsorship deal worth £10 million a year with a casino and betting platform – Stake.com.

Many pundits believe that this club now has the best chance of winning the league. This makes betting very interesting, and many players turn to betting sites and online casinos. If you are interested in gambling as well, why not start with reviews of the best online payout slots in Australia. The site offers the best deposit and withdrawal options that players can use, it is secure and reliable, which will make your experience very rewarding.

West Ham United

It is one of the oldest brands in the English leagues. ‘Hammerhead’ are based in East London, but unlike their neighbors Chelsea and Tottenham, do not grab stars from the sky and position themselves as a strong middle-class Premier League. EPL teams are supported by the well-known and reputable sports operator Betway. He has been their financier since 2015. There have been other deals between the club and various other sporting partners. However, this deal with Betway is probably the most significant and longest lasting since the club’s inception.


The best advertisement for betting companies has long been jersey sponsorship. During the matches, people watch their favorite players who carry the names of famous gaming platforms. These offers also include certain bonuses for fans.

These sponsorships between teams and sites will become even closer in the years to come. More and more countries and jurisdictions are legalizing and regulating online gambling. New opportunities and benefits are emerging, not only for league football clubs and their partners, but also for ordinary players.

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