Enter the world of online slot machines with JohnSlots

The world of online slots has been fascinating for years and the industry, especially in recent times, has shown little to no signs of stopping. Like many other industries, the online casino industry is constantly changing and improving. Although there are many sites offering similar services, one in particular stands above the rest. Enter: JohnSlots.

The intriguing company is on a mission to bring players everything they need to know (and more) about brand new online casinos, bonuses and slots. With a team of experts under their belt, JohnSlots can guide you to make the best decisions.

By heading to their online slots page, JohnSlots offers a myriad of games, all of which can be filtered by preference or casino, through their filter system. Hovering over your favorite games will reveal a star rating, provider name, and game volatility, making it easier for players to opt for and play an online slot. Along with a huge variety of games available, JohnSlots also has helpful tips and guides for anything your heart desires, ranging from “The Best Fruit Slots 2021” to “Slots Terminology: ultimate guidance”.

For the purposes of our research, we thought it was appropriate to try and pick a few slot games, for a full user experience. Head over to JohnSlots and navigate to the second pane of the page, where you’ll find the filters, as well as a list of exciting slot games. The most interesting filters relate to RTP, which refers to return to player, the term casinos use to describe the percentage of all wagered money a slot machine will return to players over time, and spins. free, which is pretty self-explanatory. . The RTP at the time of writing ranges from 88 to 99 and the free spins include 156 games, which are categorized under no and another 787 categorized under yes.

We opted for a rate of 96 RTP and free spins. We have also chosen to sort the games by rating. First on the list: wolf hunters. With a 5-star rating, average vitality, 96.3 RTP, and free spins, this game was exactly what we were looking for. Apart from giving players the opportunity to play for free on their website, JohnSlots also provides players with all the information they would need about the game.

With an incredibly user-friendly, easy-to-use and fun-to-navigate website, JohnSlots has made finding online slots easy for many and will no doubt provide the same service for many more to come.

Play responsibly. For help, visit www.rgf.org.mt. Customers must be over 18 years old. Terms and conditions of application.

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