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Playermaker Raises $40M in Funding, Company Offers Shoe-Mounted Performance Tracker


tom friend

Playermaker, a performance tracker that attaches to athletes’ shoes, has raised $40 million in funding, with Ventura Capital Group leading the investment.

MIG Capital and Pegasus Tech Ventures also invested in the device, which was primarily used for football but will now be developed for basketball and later other sports.

Playermaker’s wearable technology turns any type of shoe into a connected tracking and analysis accessory. Tactical, biomechanical, and physical data is accumulated based on the user’s movements, theoretically to maximize training, minimize injury risk, and speed injury returns.

Specifically, the device is attached to shoes to track foot placement, foot speed, and the difference in acceleration between hard cuts and straight runs – all without the use of WIFI, a cell phone or an external power supply. Playermaker can also be used indoors or outdoors, making it applicable to a multitude of sports.

The device was primarily made available to male athletes, but the company’s mission is to expand to all athletes, regardless of gender, age, or skill level. Currently, the Playermaker Stapler is deployed by over 250 elite, professional and club level teams, leagues, academies and universities.

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