Finding the Right Laptop for an Online Casino and Browser Gaming Player

When buying a new laptop, there are a lot of things and components to keep in mind. Understanding what you need versus what you want can be tricky, whether you’re buying new or used. Understanding these complexities, we’ve created this article to help those who rely on their laptops for low-demand uses like online casino and web gaming, as well as general browsing and word processing tasks.

What do you need for online casino games?

We took casino games like online slots as an example because they illustrate a common level of involvement that many of us have in the interactive entertainment sphere. Games like Baam Boom and White King II represent the heights of what casino titles can achieve, but they still have low data and processing cost requirements. Like web gaming and general browsing, this means users won’t have to go broke with a new laptop, but there are still key components that need to be considered for the best experience.

wants and needs

For reference, virtually any laptop running Windows 7 and above will be able to play online slots. That said, the wrong setup can make the experience less than ideal. So what do you really need to move forward?

The first practical must-have is a laptop with an SSD drive rather than a traditional mechanical hard drive. The difference between these two systems is that an SSD has no moving parts, while a mechanical drive has a more traditional rotary read/write system. For the end user, this difference manifests itself in very different loading speeds. On the slow side, SSDs can run ten times faster than a mechanical drive, with newer drives able to make even more of a difference.

“Samsung SSD 850 pro and Dell Laptop” (CC BY 2.0) by Simply Home Tips

The need for such drives might seem confusing given the small size of online casino games and the fact that they load from the internet, but there’s a good reason why an SSD is so important here. Indeed, while casino games load online, everything else does not. From your operating system to your browser, SSDs will make a huge difference and can deliver performance boosts that can make or break an experience.

The next step is using a mouse for input. Laptops come with touchpads, sure, but those aren’t ideal for most software. Even in online casino games, which are extremely easy to control, touchpads are clunky, frustrating to use, and can start acting up with age. To that end, a simple mouse can greatly enhance the experience.

Finally, users should also keep the advertisements for discrete GPUs in mind. These are separate cards in a laptop that dramatically increase 3D performance over CPU-integrated graphics chips. GPUs can be great, but they’re expensive and almost always unnecessary for optimal online gaming performance, so they can be safely ignored.

“HP Laptop” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

With these few components in mind, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring that your next laptop can handle any simple task you throw at it. One last thing to remember is that aiming for eight gigabytes of RAM can also be a big help, although four usually does well too. Take your time when buying, read reviews whenever possible, and your chances of getting an upgrade you’re happy with will be that much better.

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