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Here we present an insightful interview with Lars Kollind, Business Development Manager at iSoftBet.

Here he talks about his career, his role in iSoftBet, expansion plans and the awesome content the company has to offer. It places particular emphasis on the aspects that iSoftBet focuses on before entering a new market. It also describes the variety and quality of the company’s game content.

Here we are!

Q. Let’s start with a brief introduction to yourself. Tell us about your career and your interests. Our readers would love to hear this.

A. Hi! I’m Lars Kollind, Business Development Manager at iSoftBet. In my role, I work closely with our sales and marketing teams to build and strengthen internal and external relationships, and further develop sales. I leverage clients’ needs and knowledge to implement strategies that increase revenue – always on the lookout for new business opportunities, including entering new markets.

At iSoftBet, all of our activities are linked to our corporate values ​​of curiosity, respect and passion as we seek to deliver incredible gaming experiences to regulated market players around the world.

I have spent over a decade in business, sales and marketing leadership roles in the games industry for some of the largest vendors in the industry.

Q. You joined iSoftBet in November 2020. How has the journey gone so far? Can you describe some benchmarks?

A. It has been a period of tremendous growth, both for me as an individual and for the company. I can say that I adapted easily, thanks to the very welcoming and involved team at iSoftBet. When it comes to the highlights, my biggest success was the introduction to Latin America. Another important milestone would be the uploading of iSoftBet content with Jokerstar in Germany. We have a lot more in the pipeline, and I can’t wait to see how we move forward in that direction.

Q. Tell us about your partnership with Jokerstar in the German market.

A. The German market offers very interesting opportunities and we have worked a lot from a regulatory point of view to be able to bring real added value to operators.

Jokerstar gives us a platform to reach German players in what is still a market that is finding its footing, and we are eager to see what we can achieve. It is a third generation casino operator with more than 165 gambling halls in Germany, more than 1,000 employees and a whopping 200,000 customers each year, now testing the waters in the online environment.

The partnership allows us to reach a large audience and we are more than excited to see how our games will work with Jokerstar.

Q. There have been recent reports of iSoftBet’s expansion plans in Latin America as well. What is the current situation and what would be the next steps?

A. It’s no secret Latin America is an extremely exciting continent, with an expected GGR of over $ 2.5 billion by 2025 in regulated markets [as per Vixo GamblingCompliance], with so many expectations that more and more markets are adopting frameworks. We have experienced strong growth in the region with a number of key business deals including Dotworkers, Doradobet and Universal Soft in recent months, with many more to come.

We also recently signed with MeridianBet, a partnership that will see our best live slots in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Malta, as well as Peru in Latin America. Of course, we look forward to expanding further in these areas, as well as entering new markets in the coming year.

Q. Now, could you enlighten our readers on your plans for expansion?

A. In addition to continuing to provide incredible slots to the iGaming industry, we are also focusing on our aggregation platform. It brings an incredibly diverse range of content to market at an impressive rate, which can be of tremendous benefit to operators in emerging and newly regulated markets.

We pride ourselves on entering regulated markets quickly and securely, thanks to our methodical and detailed approach, seeing us now living in 20 jurisdictions, most recently in Greece, with two more countries in the works. We’ll reveal more in the coming months, but there’s a lot to look forward to.

Q. Let’s focus on the games and solutions offered by iSoftBet. What sets your business apart in the reasonably crowded gaming content space?

A. Aggregation is an important aspect of an offering for operators today and we are committed to delivering the most dynamic range of games for our partners to truly excel, including exclusive content in certain territories. We offer many advantages to operators and suppliers in this sense, fostering long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our aggregation platform allows us to bring unparalleled value to our partners. Bringing over 8,000 games from over 85 industry vendors to operators through a single integration, our platform puts a huge amount of content at their disposal, while they can also use our collection of advanced solutions. player engagement to further improve gameplay.

Our exclusive games and the games of our aggregation partners can be enhanced with our engagement tools – tournaments (iNgame), achievements, free spins, jackpots and cash drops, regulatory widgets, data analytics, and more. will be revealed soon.

By combining all of these, we are able to bring a very impressive collection of content to the audience.

Q. New technologies and innovations are emerging in a number of verticals related to gaming: cryptocurrency, blockchain, machine learning, big data analytics, and more. Is the rapid emergence of such innovations a challenge or an opportunity for a business developer?

A. Not only do we work in iGaming, but we are a technology company at heart, and staying on top of developments is essential. Our CTO, Neal Garman, recently released a white paper detailing our seven-year plan, in which he outlines important steps not only for iSoftBet, but for the industry to take to ensure we remain an entertainment industry. dynamic.

In such a fast-paced environment, it’s no surprise to see more innovation happening and we strive to do our best to lead the conversation.

Q. Finally, a question about the iSoftBet slogan: Serious Fun. It’s really cool ! How did it happen?

It’s about aligning with our new corporate philosophy. “Serious Fun” comes from making sure to provide our partners and employees with fun experiences in a professional manner. The talent, creativity and dedication of our teams make this possible, while following our mission and our vision, and respecting our values.

Our vision is to create incredible gaming experiences and our mission is to deliver high quality products that inspire, innovate and entertain, always putting our employees, partners and the player at the heart of what we do. Our values ​​are Respect, Curiosity and Passion, representing the heart of our corporate culture.


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