Glossary of online casino terms


an automatic card shuffler


the total amount or pot that goes to the winning player of the round or game in progress

To add

the additional amount of chips that could be added when a poker tournament reaches the end of late registration

Global limit

the total amount paid by hand to the winner of a given round.


when a player bets all of their chips (money) in a poker hand


an additional bet required before the start of a hand


the value of a player’s account that could be used to place bets


one of the two main bets in baccarat


the total dollar amount held by the player


occurs when a player cannot participate in an online casino game due to their IP address or physical location

Beginners luck

a popular worldwide expression used when a player enjoys winnings at the very beginning of their gaming experience

betting limits

the minimum and maximum bet amounts each player can make

Blind bet

a bet placed by the player before the cards are dealt


the mandatory bets that players must make before a poker hand, usually come in small blind and big blind


a promotion that online casinos use to entice players to play on their platform

break the bank

well-known expression used when a player wins an incredible amount of money or loses an exceptional amount


the amount the house or game requires for a player to enter a game


an action in poker that is performed when a player matches the bet on any betting round

Cascading/collapsed coils

a bonus feature in slot machines that only generates when the winning combination is found, which can lead to multiple winning combos

Cash back

a common program provided by online casinos that gives funds back to the player


occurs when a player withdraws their money from their online casino balance

Edge or advantage of the casino (house)

an automatic advantage that the casino or house has over all players and which is mathematically proven over the long term


the medium of exchange when playing casino games

Cold series

a losing streak


a process where dealers deal cards to players and/or themselves


the cards being used for a casino game

To pay

a process by which players add funds to their online casino account

To draw

in poker, this type of hand is where a player needs one or two distinct cards to make a straight or a flush to make a flush

double or nothing

a style of betting where players double their bet after losing a hand

Expanding Wilds

bonus features offered by slot machine games

face maps

cards containing faces: kings, queens and jacks

Flat bet

occurs when a player consistently bets the same amount every hand


the first three community cards dealt on the poker table


an action taken in poker that causes a player to let go of their hand, losing the pot to another player

Free Spins

a feature of slot machines that gives players free chances to win


the action of asking for an additional card in blackjack

Hole cards

a poker player’s hand


the cards held and used by each player


a player who generally places astronomical bets


the casino

house rules

the set of rules created by a casino

inside bet

the main roulette betting structure where users can bet on the numbers 0-36.

Insurance bet

a side bet created by the player in case the dealer hits blackjack after showing an Ace


the biggest prize that can be won in a casino game


also known as vigorish, this is a fee charged specifically by online casinos for their service


the second card in a player’s hand that is unpaired and represents a tiebreaker if two players have the same pair

Put the odds on your side

a player wins less than his initial bet at the start of the game


the restrictions set for the amount that players can bet or raise in a given game


the area of ​​a casino application or site that displays all the games or types of games that can be played

Games with live dealers

games offered that replicate a physical casino by having a live dealer host the games via a live stream


the highest bet allowed by an online casino in an individual game


the smallest bet allowed by an online casino in an individual game


a slot machine feature that multiplies standard payouts by a predetermined amount

Multi-hand games

typically seen in video poker, these are games that allow players to play multiple hands at once


an unbeatable hand, considered a 21 in blackjack and an 8 or 9 in baccarat

Net earnings

the amount of pure profit players take

Non-sticky bonus

a promotional offer bonus that does not come with a wagering requirement


a player’s direct chance of winning a game or trick


the original pre-flop raiser in a poker hand


advantageous chances of the player in a casino game


an action taken when a player folds and decides not to continue participating in a round or game


a blackjack hand worth 17 or more


the direction and symbols of winning combinations in slot machine games

Payment (payment)

the total amount a player receives after winning a bet

payout percentage

a long-term percentage of casino payouts on the average bet

Payment table

a table containing payout amounts for specific bets placed on a slot machine


an ignorant casino player.

pocket cards

the face down cards that players receive during a game.


rhe total amount of money or chips awarded to the winner of a poker hand

Progressive Jackpot

a jackpot that increases in size until it is hit

Provably correct

an algorithm used to verify the authenticity and fairness of an online casino game

Reload bonus

an additional bonus in the form of cash or casino credit is given to players when they deposit a certain amount to their account balance


the last community card in a poker hand, also known as Fifth Street

Random Number Generator (RNG)

the random system used to generate numbers, cards and reels in online casino games.


also known as money inside the casino

Sign-up bonus

a bonus or promotion that online casinos offer to entice players to register on their platform


another term for a bet

Sticky bonus

a bonus that is not removed from a player’s account until they meet the conditions to keep it

standing hand

a hand that is worth 17 or more in blackjack

pantyhose savages

Slot Wild Symbols that do not move from their landing spot for the duration of a free spins period


the symbol on casino cards which includes clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades


a term used when a player loses their entire account balance and cannot participate in games until another deposit is made


a hand containing three of the same cards


occurs when a player chooses to play their high hand slowly at the start of a poker hand

Map up

the dealer’s card that appears in blackjack

Vigorous (Vig)

the fees that online casinos charge their players


a bet

Wagering requirements

the playing conditions set by online casinos that allow players to withdraw their winnings by wagering a certain amount of money

wild symbols

symbols found in slot machine games that can provide different effects to maximize winnings


taking money or winnings from your online casino balance

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