Greece bans advertising of online slots

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The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has issued new guidelines for in-game spending. New measures introduced last week were introduced to ensure that ads are more transparent to consumers.

If you’ve ever been confused or misled by the huge bundles of premium currency you get in games, or been drawn to time-limited offers, this new direction is likely to have an effect on you. .

The new guide discusses in-game practices designed to get players to spend more money, as well as how games are advertised more generally.

Games that offer in-game currency that can also be earned by playing are exempt from some of the measures, with the ASA noting that different types of games should be measured differently. According to the new guidelines, any premium currency advertised must clearly indicate its true value in a clear monetary value.

“The ASA (one of the UK’s advertising watchdogs) has released its new guidelines for in-game advertising purchases. This is huge and will require significant changes in current industry practices. Legal partner Peter Lewin explained on Twitter.

“Remember that while the ASA does not have fine powers, it has operated successfully to date on the basis of name and shame (and can refer serious offenders to other agencies). regulations with more powerful powers). “

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