Here’s how to pre-register for the FanDuel Ohio app

Would-be Ohio bettors can prepare for the arrival of online sports betting by pre-registering at FanDuel Ohio App. It’s a great way to prepare for the official launch of online sports betting for several reasons. The most important is a pre-registration bonus. By pre-registering your account with FanDuel Ohio, you’ll get a big bonus once things go live.

Pre-register for the FanDuel Ohio app today and get a $100 bonus. Prospective sports bettors who pre-register for an account will receive $100 to use once FanDuel Ohio is able to bet.

The most important thing for Ohioans to remember is that this is an early bird offer. Once Buckeye State gives the green light for online sports betting to be placed, this offer will no longer be available. Pre-registering for the FanDuel Ohio app will guarantee you $100 to start your account. In short, that’s $100 in free bets that you can place just to prepare before the official launch.

Click here to pre-register for the FanDuel Ohio app and get $100 free bets.

FanDuel Ohio pre-registration offers a $100 bonus

Pre-registering for the FanDuel Ohio app is the easiest way to prepare for the arrival of online sports betting. This gives you $100 to profit from when you can start placing bets. What makes this offer even better is that there is no cost. When FanDuel Ohio goes live, you can use this $100 bonus for your first batch of bets.

Since this offer has a limited end date, the earlier you pre-register, the less likely you are to miss out. In other words, pre-registration is chargeable. Plus, once the app is live, you’ll have the ability to add funds to your account, allowing you to bet on even more games.

How to Get the FanDuel Ohio App

This pre-registration offer is available to potential sports bettors in Ohio. If you are over 21 and physically located in Ohio, you can take advantage of this offer by downloading the FanDuel Ohio app. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Click on here to pre-register for FanDuel Ohio.
  • Provide some basic information to pre-register an account.
  • Download the FanDuel app on your iOS or Android device.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready and pre-registered. All you have to do is log into your account on launch day and start enjoying your $100 pre-registration bonus.

Sports to bet on

Ohio sports bettors have a lot to look forward to with the FanDuel Ohio app. You will be able to bet on your favorite sports, leagues and teams in different ways. What enhances the arrival of this early bird offer is that bettors will be able to take advantage of the final weeks of the NFL regular season, as well as the playoffs.

For those who love college football, this will also coincide with the CFP title game. These are just the beginning, as basketball and hockey will also be on the way. With the ability to bet on the NBA, NHL and more, pre-registering for the FanDuel Ohio app will give you a $100 head start in your quest for winning bets.

Click here to get a $100 pre-registration bonus when you download the FanDuel Ohio app.

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