How to pay for online slot games with PayPal

How to pay for online slot games with PayPal

Many people have used PayPal to pay for goods purchased on eBay. It is a well-known e-wallet company based in America. PayPal enables easy money transfers for online slots worldwide, with many retailers accepting the payment method.

Using PayPal makes it easy to deposit into your online casino slots account. There are many PayPal slots sites which offer a full range of quality slot games on safe and secure casino sites.

Some time ago, the company distanced itself from gambling sites. Today, you can play at many PayPal casinos like, where it’s easy for customers to deposit and withdraw funds.

Safe and secure online banking options

PayPal uses advanced high security and anti-fraud software to ensure that all personal data remains confidential. In 2006, PayPal introduced an optional security key as an added precaution against fraud. Accounts with the security key will need to log in with their username and password and will also need to enter a six-digit code that will be texted to them.

When you use PayPal at an online casino, you won’t have to give out bank details because PayPal is an intermediary between you and the online casino site, adding another layer of security to your time spent online.

To choose PayPal as your deposit method at an online casino, go to the cashier/banking tab and check the PayPal option. You will be transferred to the PayPal website to log in to approve the payment. Once approved, your online casino account is credited with the cash amount.

How to set up a PayPal account

You can purchase goods and services using PayPal without entering your credit or debit card information. Creating a PayPal account is simple and only takes a few minutes.

  • Go to (you can use any web browser) to create your account
  • There is an official PayPal app to download for mobile devices. Find them on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Click on the Registration tab which is one of the two oval buttons (upper right corner of the page)
  • Choose the account type you prefer and click Next. There are two account type options, personal and business.
  • Personal accounts are best for depositing funds at an online casino site.
  • Enter your mobile number and click Next. When you create a personal account, you provide a mobile phone number to verify your account. After clicking Next, PayPal will send a confirmation code to the phone number via SMS
  • Enter the confirmation code to confirm.
  • After confirmation, you will need to enter some additional information.
  • Enter your details then create a password.
  • The information includes your full name.
  • Create a secure password
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account
  • Accept PayPal’s policies and terms before using your account
  • Add a payment method to set up your account
  • Log in to your new PayPal account

If you have just created your account, you will be asked if you wish to link a bank account or card details. Otherwise, click on the connection in the upper right corner of the page.

  • When you add a payment method to PayPal, you can use it to send money
  • You can use PayPal without linking a debit card or bank account, but you will only be able to transfer and receive money from other PayPal accounts.
  • If you are linked with PayPal, you can transfer money from PayPal to your bank account.

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