John Goodman is a talking finger in a surreal online slots ad

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Actor and international treasure John Goodman has enjoyed a long career filled with varied and engaging roles in comedies and dramas. Now an online casino commercial managed to give it what is most certainly his most difficult concert to date: A talk at your fingertips.

So much had to go right for this captivating video, sent to us by audiovisual club reader Mark Lattanzi, to exist. The idea had to be considered, of course, but this idea also had to be validated with other departments. Finally, John Goodman’s agent had to answer a call from an online slots app and Goodman had to agree that yes, turning into a CGI finger was the right career choice for him at the time. -the.

Lest you think Goodman would only approach this role with some sort of reluctant professionalism, watch the ad for yourself. Whatever Talking Finger storyline the script calls for, he throws himself into the work fully. Here he is preparing, it seems, to get his ass fucked. Here he is, screaming in terror as he is almost killed with a knife. And here he is finally delighted to have his face rubbed against a touchscreen as the person he’s attached to starts playing online, hoping he doesn’t lose so much money that he has to cut off his talking finger and sell it as a curiosity to an eccentric collector.

Anything Goodman does next will pale in comparison to that role. Serious actors spend their lives trying to find plays that will test their skills, pushing them toward greater mastery of their craft. For some, it may be Shakespeare. For Goodman, it’s pretending to be a finger with a human face on it.

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