La sports betting breaks through the last hurdles

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (WAFB) – Many of you have been eagerly waiting to bet on some of your favorite sports. And although we are close to the light at the end of this tunnel, there are still a few final details to work out.

Before you can begin placing sports bets at any Louisiana casino that operates under state law, state police must finish ensuring that every casino will operate under the same rules on. how these bets will be placed. Ronnie Johns, chairman of the Gaming Control Board, says this needs to be done with care.

“We only have one chance to deploy this, so we’re going to do it the right way,” the president said.

Another problem the board needs to solve is the official sportsbook catalog that every casino needs to use. The catalog, also compiled by the state police, would give a list of sporting events you can bet on. A draft catalog was presented to council today for approval.

“It’s not a final product, in the sense that we want to bring the first one to the board for approval. After that, the president has the opportunity to approve other sporting events,” said Major Chuck. McNeal, Louisiana State Police Gaming Enforcement Division Command Inspector.

What everyone is still waiting to learn is when they can finally place a bet in river casinos. But for the moment, this official date has not yet been announced. The date would have come sooner if Hurricane Ida had not required state police manpower during the recovery.

“I’m not going to give you a definitive licensing date, but it will be soon. So uh, maybe before LSU got a new head coach, I don’t know, ”said

While there has been talk of online sports betting being available as of this weekend, President Johns clarified today that this would not be the case. They are still in the process of completing the extensive online licensing process.

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