One of the most popular Twitch categories is… online slots?

Watching streamers bet on online slot machines has become a top 10 category on Tic. Like overtaking mega-popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

The sudden popularity is surprising and controversial, as not only has a petition circulated in an attempt to ban gambling from the service.

Twitch personalities like Pokimane castigated content creator Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel for this growing celebrity like a big dollar, real money slots streamer.

Online Slots Overtook a Hugely Popular Video Game on Twitch in May

According to data compiled by Rainmaker.ggviewers consumed more than 39 million hours of slots content on Twitch in May, ranking him ninth overall. Thirty-nine million hours is roughly equal to all of recorded human history. (It’s a good thing the Sumerians didn’t have Twitch, or this whole language thing might never have happened.)

“Just chatting” topped the charts with 271 million hours, but online slots content consumption rose 24% for the month and compiled an additional six million hours watched on Warzone.

Tyler Faraz Niknamwho broadcasts under the pseudonym of Rail accidentproduced by itself almost 300 hours of slots content in May, according to the study. His many videos also usually rack up thousands of views as YouTube replays.

The Trainwreck Twitch stream has become one, according to a responsible gaming petition

The excitement around gaming on Twitch has many fronts. Twitch user Erin Jordan started a petition in May to ban unregulated gambling from the platform. The target is the sponsors.

says the petition:

“Your ads on Twitch run alongside Twitch broadcasters who promote unregulated online casinos that disproportionately harm young viewers and racial minorities.”

Twitch requires users to be at least 13 years. Legal and regulated online gambling is only available in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The age to gamble online in these states is 21, except Michigan, which is 18.

The petition goes on to cite how these banners “attach [their] brand to these unregulated crypto casinos. In the US casino industry, the launch of new metaverse casinos has become almost a daily occurrence, with responsible gambling advocates also concerned about young people at risk.

Trainwreck announced he would donate his winnings to charity, but xQc became embroiled in controversy when he revealed he had entered into a gambling sponsorship deal after quitting his game a year earlier. early because

“I really feel like I’m slightly, if not moderately, addicted, and that’s really bad,” he said on a stream.

Slots on Twitch

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