Online gambling advertisements in Canada

In the television and digital world of sports, an increasing number of advertisements are now promoting online sports betting platforms.

There are many gambling advertisements, often featuring big names in professional sports. Some even appear during actual games and not just during commercial breaks.

Hockey analyst Craig Eagles suggests this is an example of how sports, television and fan interaction have changed.

“Growing up, we always had the friendly bet on our favorite hockey clubs and our favorite baseball teams,” Eagles said. “It has certainly changed. It has changed the landscape of the sport.”

When the federal government’s ban on single-game sports betting was lifted last year, it not only opened up new ways for Canadians to gamble, it also allowed television networks and some channels to capture significant new revenue streams from real game companies. .

Eagles said commercials are likely massive revenue streams for television networks. He added that some national television ads promote gaming platforms that aren’t yet available in the Maritimes, but he expects the gaming market to open up even more soon.

“You can’t bet on individual games or that sort of thing here at Atlanta Canada,” Eagles said. “You can do it in Ontario, and there’s a niche market here that Maritime governments could consider expanding if they choose to do so.”

Psychologist Simon Sherry said these ads are generally effective in attracting potential players.

“Gambling ads work,” Sherry said. “Exposure to gambling ads changes attitudes, changes intentions, and ultimately changes behaviors. In other words, there is a dose-response relationship between your exposure to gambling ads. money and the fact that you are playing yourself.”

Gambling ads also help raise the topic of addiction and unhealthy recreational activities.

Could the proliferation of these online betting advertisements and platforms lead to an increase in drug addicts?

“Part of problem gambling is driven by availability,” Sherry said. “If you make gambling more accessible to a population, more people will gamble problematically.”

Sherry said that going forward, Canadians will have to decide how much they want to play sports, given the risks.

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