Online slots bring TV favorites Tiger King, Baywatch and more to the casino

In today’s crazy world of online slot options, sometimes sticking to what you know is the best option.

A Slot machine based on a TV show can provide a certain familiarity and comfort while trying to outdo your respective online casino.

I can’t lie, the last time I went to Las Vegas I was stopped short when I heard the Game of Thrones theme coming out of a slot machine. I then set my money on fire while defending the wall with Jon Snow.

Currently, casino players have a a handful of online slots centered around popular TV shows available to play. Here are some details on what currently exists.

The games have been played on a demo version to get a full experience of what they have to offer.

Joe Exotic

Go crazy, get paid.

That’s the tagline for this slot machine based on everyone’s favorite Netflix docuseries, Tiger King.

This 5×4 grid has 20 paylines and you can bet between 20 cents and $100 per spin.

The game features dazzled hats, belts, and flask icons. It also has most of your favorite characters including Joe Exotic (duh), Jeff Lowe, Erik Cowie, Allen Glover and James Garretson.

Notable absentees are Carole Baskin and her husband Howard Baskin. They seem to be jumping at the chance to get some extra money to buy more leopard print clothing.

The advantages of this game are that it has a Return to player rate of 95.7%, which keeps earnings stable. It also has three very interesting bonus features.

  • Tiger Bounty: Joe makes an offer to Glover which he randomly accepts (your winnings) or asks for a new offer to increase the value of your winnings. This is presumably an offer to kill Carole Baskin.
  • Exotic towers: You win free spins with a Joe Exotic Wild icon occupying the middle column. An increasing multiplier for wins increases throughout the free spins.
  • Vote Joe: Joe finds himself in the election against Lowe, Glover and Garretson. May God have mercy on the city forced between these options. Select different badges until one of the options gets three votes. Each contestant contains a different reward value, with Joe leading the way.

The main drawback of this game is the lack of original music by Joe Exotic. Not a single note of “I Saw a Tiger” or “Here Kitty Kitty”.

It also lacks any kind of bonus feature where Garretson rides a jet ski to the sound of “Eye of the Tiger.”

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The popular TV show, best known for its innovative swimsuit idle racing, was turned into a slot game by IGT in 2017.Baywatch slot screenshot

The 5×3 grid includes graphics of what you might see lifeguards using at the beach. It also uses images of Baywatch stars David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth and David Chocachi.

The value of the coin can vary between a penny and $30 with 25 coins needed per turn. So each round can cost between 25 cents and $750.

Baywatch has some cool features like Tidal Wilds, where Wild symbols invade part of the board in a tidal wave. the Teamwork functionality match two of the lifeguards for enhanced payouts.

But, to really hit it big, you have to get the Prime icon to hit in rows 2-4. When this happens, you are asked to choose a male/female lifeguard combo that each offers a different value. Some offer more free spins, others offer more icons of the chosen lifeguard for better chances of winning.

In bonus mode, you’re serenaded by Baywatch’s recognizable theme song, “I’m Always Here” by Jimi Jamison. While you may have tried to avoid this song like the plague for the past decade, you’re going to crave to hear it while playing this game.

the The RTP is 96.25%, which usually keeps you in the mix. Baywatch can be an entertaining game with many winning options.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

In this NETENT game, you are immediately greeted by Ramsay himself, which is nice.Hells Kitchen Slot Machine Screenshot

The 5×3 grid with 20 winning lines includes images of some of its signature dishes and drinks, as well as various letters that light up when you produce a winning line.

Betting options range from 20 cents to $400 for high rollers.

On occasion, Ramsay “spices things up a bit” and throws plates, pans or knives onto the grill to provide additional wild options. To hit the bonus round you need to get at least three faces of Ramsay engulfed in flames. Seems a bit overdone.

The bonus round is a team cooking simulation where you choose your side to win. The total winnings of both teams are added to your bank independently. However, if you choose the correct team, you move on to another bonus game where you choose menus for additional wins.

The only problem with the bonus game is that it took me almost 400 spins to get it.

The Hell’s Kitchen soundtrack is a slightly soft, slightly tense melody mixed with the background noise of a working kitchen.

Probably the best part of this game is the aesthetics. It is a very visually pleasing game that is easy on the eyes and moves very easily.

Although the bonus took so long to get, I was still getting good kills in the meantime to stay tied. Following the bonus I was in the green. Overall, the RTP for this game is 96.07%.

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Other TV slot options

I couldn’t reach them all, so here are some other TV slots options you can consider.

100,000 Pyramid: Slot machines… Blackjack… Croupiers… Poker chips. Things in a casino!

Caught in the Web of Widows: Not a TV-themed game, but the icon shows a woman who looks a lot like Nancy Grace. I will pass.

Deal or No Slingo Deal: Maybe you can beat the banker, maybe you can marry British royalty.

Help line: The folks at Miami Vice probably have a trademark lawsuit they could file.

Narcos: Try to hunt down Pablo Escobar and earn money while you do it.

Hawaiian Getaway at the Wheel of Fortune: See if you can make Pat Sajak go viral again.

Wheel of Fortune Megaways: See if you can make Pat Sajak go mega viral.

Wheel of Fortune Ruby Wealth: A third Wheel of Fortune game?

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme! Twirl: Ok, this is getting a little extreme. Literally.

It probably won’t be long before we get a Squid Game slot. I would hate to see what happens when you lose in that one.

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