Regulated Dutch online casino affiliates will receive the quality mark

Following the introduction of the Dutch remote gambling law earlier this year, with a market launch slated for October 1, online casino affiliates will now receive a quality mark by Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates (KVA).

The KVA verifies how an affiliate complies with Dutch regulations, with the aim of ensuring that casino affiliates demonstrate compliance with the law (for example, by demonstrating full transparency and fairness when it is about games of chance).

According to KVA, the Brand should give confidence to the Dutch consumer, as one of KVA’s objectives is to keep its Dutch customers in the Netherlands.

The body said: “This quality mark indicates that an affiliated Dutch online casino is complying with laws and regulations (for example, regarding recruitment and advertising activities and responsible gambling). We carry out a strict conformity check and then grant the seal of quality if the conditions are met.

The Code for Responsible Advertising and Recruitment of Online Casino Affiliates includes regulations on recruitment, advertising and prevention of gambling addiction, policy rules for remote gambling licensing, remote gambling regulations and responsible gambling policies.

Dutch online casinos should be aware that the purpose of the KVA is not to enforce rules and regulations, but simply to verify that they are followed; and it is the responsibility of the casino and its affiliates to ensure compliance with the requirements.

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