Slotegrator today launches a new and improved platform for online casino and sportsbook operators

slotscraper On Monday launched a new platform that includes a wide range of functions for online casino and sports betting operators. The technologies included in the company’s new platform microservice architecture improved the product and provide the company’s customers with a superior level of service by optimizing speed, safety and stability.

The project initiation process for operators has been significantly accelerated — a typical launch will not take more than a few days, and requests from end users, online casino players, will be implemented as soon as possible. Thanks to the new modules, operators have full control over their interface and instant access to crucial business intelligence, while KYC checks are expedited“, Slotegrator explained in an official statement.

The new platform gives the operator more integration opportunities with various systems, including game content developers, payment services and mobile apps. User-friendly back office interface and intuitive dashboard make the onboarding process as comfortable as possible for operators. The adaptability of the back office for tablets and smartphones is designed to manage projects from anywhere in the world.

Features retained from the previous platform have been updated. For example, the bonus module has been improved in terms of user interface — it is now much easier to create bonuses. In addition to the modules from the previous platform which have been updated and transferred to the new model, the new platform has new tools and modules – some of them are the Casino Builder, the Business Intelligence module and a separate KYC module.

The Casino Builder allows the customer to make various changes to their gaming site using simple tools. From the back-office, the operator can independently build a lobby and fully customize the frontend of his project, making it easier than ever to create his layout by choosing how to display suppliers, banners, etc. There is also a set of ready-to-use elements. casino front-end presets to deploy the project in 3 clicks.

The business intelligence module (BI) gives the operator access to site analytics, such as key markers such as GGR, unique players, marginal profit and number of active users for a selected time period – by day, week, month or year . By comparing performance over different periods and analyzing the current situation, the operator can easily make the right strategic decisions and increase productivity. The module is constantly being developed, extended and supplemented, providing more and more opportunities for the most efficient project management.

A separate KYC module helps make the player verification process smoother and more consistent.

The launch of the new platform is an important event for Slotegrator, according to the company. A number of additional key enhancements are planned in the coming months after launch that will make life easier for all operators. The system is unified: When a developer updates services, customers have immediate access to these updates, which means that all operators use a single version of the product.

To ensure that operators have a smooth transition to using the updated platform, Slotegrator has developed a user manualand company employees keep in touch and advise customers on any issues that arise.

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