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European Gaming is delighted to have with us today, Jean Prince, UK editor of affiliate website In this interview, Jean will give us his thoughts on the upcoming SIGMA event in Malta as well as the current state of the UK gaming industry.

Thanks for being with us, John. First of all, could you tell our readers a bit more about the SIGMA event, please?

SIGMA is probably the main meeting event on the calendar for all companies and workers in the international iGaming industry. SIGMA is where Affiliates, Operators, CEOs and Independents can come together to discuss ideas and develop business plans for the future. The event also features plenty of workshops led by industry speakers (although it’s pretty hit and miss). It’s a great event provided you don’t drink too much and attend to advance your own business or the one you work for.

We are particularly interested in the gambling scene in the UK, is it true that the laws are changing?

The UK government announced at the end of 2020 that it planned to update the Gambling Act 2005 to make it “fit for the digital age”. So far, however, the changes have been minimal. Although gambling operators with a hold in the UK will certainly pressure MPs. Operators have already been informed that autoplay on online slots will be banned. In 2019, gambling by credit card was also banned. It is possible that an update to the gambling law will drive the last of the operators out of the UK market, but the Conservative government has indicated that it will not be too drastic with the laws surrounding gambling. online in the UK. The danger of too many restrictions is that players are likely to end up playing on unregulated sites that do not follow the rules enforced by the UKGC. A delicate balance must be ensured.

So, yes, the laws will change soon enough, but we don’t know exactly how they will change.

We know the competition in the UK market is strong, how has the SlotsHawk journey been?

We are a UK only focused affiliate site, so the UK market is our top priority. We launched the site in November 2020, so we’ve been on the market for about a year now. Progress has been steady and without trying to jynx things, we continue to grow month by month. You are right to say that the competition within the UK online gambling scene is high, but there will always be room for websites that can offer punters useful and high quality information on the game, in our case, on online slot machine games. We have guides that feature the best paying slot games as well as the slots with the highest RTP. These guides offer players real advice on the best types of casino games to play. Our visitors can also read our guide to the best reputable slots websites that prioritize UKGC regulated UK online casinos and offer 100% fair gameplay.

Although the competition is strong, there is still room for operators and affiliates who can offer unique and accurate insight into the UK gambling scene.

We have seen many operators leave the UK market on the grounds that the UK market is no longer profitable for them. Do you think this is the beginning of the end for the UK market?

Not at all. Although the market is smaller compared to other countries, the UK is still one of the biggest markets. Moreover, it is also probably the safest market in the world for online gamers. In my opinion, other countries would do well to follow the UK’s example when it comes to their gambling laws. For example, the United States is the newest craze in the online gambling world, and it has the potential to be by far the biggest gambling market of all time. But it’s still just the beginning, and lawmakers have a lot of work to do. IN THE UK the laws are already there, the government just has to make sure it doesn’t overdo the restrictions.

Finally, does SlotsHawk plan to expand into other markets?

When the time is right, we will look to expand into other markets, but for now our focus is solely on the UK.

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