Stay on top of sporting events with the Betway app

Smartphones have come a long way. Not that long ago you could only play snake and the only way to connect with someone was through a phone call or text. No one could have predicted how much phones would become a part of our daily lives. Now it is possible to see what friends and family are doing on the other side of the world and to stay in touch just by opening one of the many applications available.

One of the great things about smart phones for sports fans is that it’s so easy to keep up to date with what your team is up to and how they are progressing. The Betway app has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the South African sports fan and is your one-stop-shop to see what the odds of upcoming matches are for your team. The app is available on Android through an easy-to-install APK or through the Apple Store if you are using an IOS device. The app not only makes it easy to see what the odds will be in your team’s next game, but also provides users with access to betting games, lucky number and live betting.

An interesting feature for users of the app is the “no data bet”. Dataless betting gives app users the ability to use the app on the go without having to pay for the data used. This does not include the download of the betway app which must be done over wifi or using data. Once the app is downloaded, users can view odds on upcoming games, place bets and use the live casino for free. Other functions of the app include depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as updating current promotions.

The application is user-friendly and transactions can be done securely, just as when using the site with methods and systems in place to keep it secure. If you are already registered on Betway, you do not need to create a new account to use the app. Betway is currently running an R25 welcome bet for new users who register and create an account. There is 24 hour support for any further assistance.

Betting should be seen as fun and always stay on a budget.

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