The 6 types of online slots you need to know

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Perhaps you are considering playing slots online for the first time after experiencing their simple gameplay, large jackpots, or awesome bonuses. Or, maybe you’ve played some type of online slot machine game and want to know what else is out there.

Either way, it’s important that you understand the different types of online slots. This way you can identify the one that best suits your bankroll, your needs and your preferences. Whichever type you choose, remember that in many countries you can pay for Insert Via Pulsa. Pulsa is the term given to prepaid cell phone credit in Indonesia.

Here are six of the main types of online slots.

1. Classic slot machines (or three-reel slot machines)

Classic online slots are single machine games. They are considered to be the simplest type of online slot machine and are nicknamed the One-armed Bandit. This name comes from traditional mechanical machines that have a lever that players pull to perform a spin.

Classic slots have been the key to Las Vegas’ rise as a casino paradise. They are ideal for new slot machine players because they are quick, easy to learn and easy to play. Players win a jackpot when they land on three similar symbols.

A major disadvantage of conventional slot machines is the low number of reels, as this reduces the number of possible combinations. In addition, the variance of a classic online slot machine is relatively high, which means you can lose everything quickly or win big. Yet their use of PRNG algorithms allows classic online slots to give better payouts on average than their mechanical counterparts.

2. Five-reel slots (or video slots)

Chances are, the first slot machine you will come across at an online gambling site or physical casino is the five reel slot machine. They are the most widely used today. Unlike regular slots, five-reel slots are digital and require no reels or mechanical levers. All a player needs to do is press a button. They have attractive graphics with videos and sounds meant to entice gamers.

For this reason, five-reel slots were arguably the true precursor of modern online slots. You have a video screen and not a mechanical reel, hence the name video slots.

Five-reel slots are an advancement of the classic slot machine. They have more paylines and this increases your chances of winning than if you were playing a regular slot machine. The maximum number of coins starts from one or more for a price line. In addition, bets last longer and generally have higher jackpots.

One of the defining features of five reel slots is the free spin mode which includes various mechanisms such as stake multipliers.

3. Six and seven reel slots

Six and seven reel online slots challenge the traditional reel standard. They mostly follow the same grid structure as the five-reel slot machine meaning 6 × 3 and 7 × 3 setups. More rolls mean players can create longer matches. When you combine a six or seven reel slot machine with the features of a five reel slot machine like re-spins or stacks of wild symbols, it can create an exciting experience.

You can also find six and seven reel slots that go beyond the most common slot machines and create unique structures. There is a better chance of having three or more scatter symbols in this game and triggering the free spins mode, thanks to the structure of the reels.

4. Progressive slot machines (or progressive jackpot)

In progressive slots, each time the player places a bet, a portion of the amount goes towards the jackpot. This implies that the jackpot is made up of the players playing the game at that time. On most platforms, operators will display the total progressive jackpot accumulated through their progressive slots. The progressive jackpot is also called the cumulative jackpot.

Online casinos will interconnect slot machines or different casinos so that they can contribute to a single progressive jackpot. Jackpots can reach millions, but as you would expect, the bigger the jackpot, the slimmer the chances of winning. It is akin to play the lottery with hundreds, thousands or millions of participants.

The main disadvantage of progressive slots is that players have to use a maximum bet to qualify for the jackpot. Therefore, you should be prepared to bet more money than you would otherwise be on a more conventional online slot machine.

5. Interactive slot machines

Interactive slot machines (i-slots) are proving to be an essential development in slot machine technology. The multi-payline and multi-reels have a different format than most other online slots. They harness the functionality of modern computing devices to give gamers the power to create their own expanding storyline.

Slot machines I do this by allowing different combinations of reels to be spun or participating in an adventure that advances the game. In this regard, it comes across as an entertaining video game. Players familiar with online video games will find i-slots fairly easy to learn.

So besides the conventional component of a reel slot machine game, some games in i-slots will trigger bonus stages where players can participate in a mini-game such as mini-golf. The mini-game allows the player to increase their winnings.

In many ways, i-slots don’t depend on luck as much as traditional slots. On the contrary, your skills increase your chances of making a profit.

6. Virtual reality (VR) locations

It was only a matter of time before virtual reality changed the way we participate in online betting. Today there are many virtual betting experiences based on VR technology from Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Razer OSVR, Sony PlayStation VR and more.

VR online slots allow players to be immersed in the virtual environment and have a realistic experience that reflects what they would experience in a real casino. The games room can be equipped with dozens of slot machines. The VR format gives you a more realistic interaction than if you were just looking at a screen.

For example, if the game room is on the upper floors of a skyscraper, you can lean against the windows between games while enjoying the city, or have a drink at the virtual bar and relax in the living room. .

Find what works for you

The next time you are planning to play an online slot machine, think about the different types of games available and choose the one that is likely to interest you the most. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, take the time to experiment with a few different games and see what will eventually work for you.

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