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No one in the early days of the Internet imagined that online gambling could have been successful. As a very profitable industry, land-based casinos offered all the glamor, glitz, and thrill that kept people coming back to the casino, and it was hard to imagine how a person could sit in front of a small screen and click on his mouse. instead of pulling the lever of a machine.

All of this changed with the introduction of high-speed internet, cable connections, the global use of cell phones and, most importantly, the sudden increase in the games and mobile applications being played online. and on personal devices. Over a short period of 20 years, in a single UK online gambling report, this segment accounted for a third of the entire gaming industry in 2019.

Online gambling did not explode on the sign by chance. With rapid technological advancements, the creation of dedicated online marketing companies like, game providers and software platforms and the rise of specialized online gaming regulators and licenses. The entry point was online poker in the early 2000s, with huge amounts of marketing pushing users to gamble online and accept online gambling as the norm, with mobile gambling breaking out in the years. 2010 that moved the industry forward, innovating and reinventing itself to keep users entertained and engaged. At the forefront of constant reinvention, growth and excitement are online slots games, which have evolved from the standard three-reel single payline to interactive multi-directional games with various themes and storylines. .

What is an online slot machine game?

If you’ve ever walked into a casino, walked into an arcade or sports bar, or watched a Hollywood movie set in a casino, the first thing you’ll notice are the endless rows of similar gaming machines roaring and roaring. buzz, ring and ring, blinking in your gaze to get your attention.

Online slots work the same, although they are presented in a less imposing manner on an operator’s site. While the games act the same when playing, they are no longer confined to the four walls of the casino, but reside on your computer screen, even in your pocket, and can be visited anytime, and more importantly. , apart from at any time too.

How have online slots changed over the years?

From very humble beginnings in the late 90s with typical casino-style slots, the need to attract new players has driven online casinos and game developers to create complex and engaging games, with many. using popular culture themes and concepts to refine the core principle. Gaming. Game developers like NetEnt have focused on making games around fictional characters known as Conan the Barbarian, Dracula, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and the Hollywood blockbuster Jumanji, and have also struck a deal with Guns’ N Roses to have a game based on rock and roll.

Other vendors have moved on to innovative game proposals, playing on the mass hysteria around FarmVille and Match 3 games, which offer different entertainment value and wider reach. The combination of these games, with classic old-fashioned slots, allows online casinos to be competitive for most types of players.

The future of slot machine games

With the industry entering a new cycle of growth through mobile gaming and application-based solutions, the need to improve slot machine offerings has doubled. Most smart devices and computers are now able to handle more heavy loads, which allows vendors to offer better graphics, more sounds and soundtracks and also to venture into virtual reality offering. , thus returning to the look and feel of the physical casino. Augmented reality could also allow a user to project these games onto surfaces in their own home, giving a whole new feel to the game and the experience.

With a steady increase in the number of people trying their luck at online slots and a greater expectation of entertainment value by playing these games, the future of online slots looks very bright, and new More exciting ways to play will happen fiercely and swiftly over the next few years, just spin the wheel and see what happens next.

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