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It is estimated that 2.62 million searches for the term “metaverse” were performed in October. This is mainly due to the fact that Facebook announced that they are changing their business name from Facebook to Meta after 17 years of operating under the alias. As a result, the name change focused on a whole new future; the metaverse. And no one knows what it is.

By examining the data on research trends, digital marketing agency, MRS Digital, revealed how confused everyone is by the Metaverse and why Google isn’t helping anyone figure it out. With a range of featured snippets (the Google search snippets at the top of a page) that differ from each other, the Metaverse’s ambition is already proving to be its biggest demise.

The main reason for the confusion is simple – there isn’t a full metaverse yet and because of that, no one knows what to expect or how functional it will be. There is potential for a whole new economy, a new way of working and a significant shift in consumer interests. Whether it’s building a scale replica of your hometown in Minecraft or going to virtual concerts in Fortnite, the metaverse is only just beginning to emerge.

With an infographic, the most common questions on Google were highlighted to show that among all the noise of the Metaverse, only a handful of the 2.62 million people really know what the future looks like.

When looking at the research surrounding the Metaverse, there are many questions that arise that spark interest in games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft which are all seen as emerging examples of Metavers, but the reason differs from game to game. .

Along with the curiosity of video games, cryptocurrencies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and VR (virtual reality) have all seen an increase in research interest. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, saw its interest in searches increase by 50% when Facebook announced the name change of its business. While some internet users are still trying to figure out exactly what the metaverse is, some see it as an opportunity to lay the groundwork for making real money from virtual currencies.

The frequently asked question “What are Metaverse Coins?” Has a simple answer; they are nothing, because the metaverse does not exist. What do exist, however, are the first iterations of what a Metaverse has the potential to someday become, backed by in-game currencies that allow users to purchase new items such as outfits, avatars, and even costumes. weapons.

So now everyone knows that no one knows what a Metaverse is and that Meta is planning to join the Metaverse Race, an exciting and unpredictable future for tech looms on the horizon. Don’t be afraid to ask what it is.

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