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The rise of the online casino industry in Uganda How online casinos have gained popularity in Uganda

Uganda, called the Pearl of Africa, is home to over 42 million people and many different ethnic groups. This East African country borders South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Lake Victoria forms part of the country’s border with Tanzania and Kenya. Uganda’s economy has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to the country’s mineral deposits and natural resources.

Some of the country’s natural resources include iron ore, limestone, phosphate, gold, cobalt, tungsten, and copper. Even though gold and other natural resources are very important exports, the country’s industry is dependent on agriculture with more than four-fifths of the country’s population working in agriculture. Due to Uganda’s political instability, modernization and its economic development have been negatively affected.

In order to attract more foreign investors to Uganda, the Investment Code in force since 19991 offered a series of tax incentives to foreign and local investors. At the same time, the Uganda Investment Authority was created and it was easier for investors to get the necessary investment approval and licenses. Over the past decade, the country’s economy has improved dramatically. Today Uganda is just one of the few African countries that has been praised for its high economic growth rates and stability and an industry that has seen growth in the online casino industry.

Gambling Laws in Uganda

Several gambling laws in Uganda were updated in 2013 with the establishment of the Lotteries and Gaming Bill which also led to the establishment of the National Lottery and Gaming Regulatory Council. The Lotteries and Gaming Law which was amended in 2017 reduced Uganda’s gambling tax from 35% to 20%. Today there are only several land-based casinos operating in the country, with sports betting activities being the most popular. The Ugandan National Lottery is also popular alongside retail betting shops and online casinos.

Due to the low rate of internet penetration and use in the country, most of the gambling activity is carried out in land-based casinos and gaming establishments. While international gaming operators can legally operate here if licensed by the National Gaming Board, the Ugandan online gambling market is not as desirable as some other African markets. Despite this, there are several excellent online casinos operating in the country and you can see them here.

Ugandan online casino players have awesome online casino opportunities and are free to place real money bets at foreign licensed online casinos that operate in the country. Despite the fact that the country’s internet penetration rates are rather low, the online casino gaming industry in Uganda has grown in recent years.

Uganda Gaming Industry and National Gaming Board

With regard to the country’s gaming industry, the main regulatory body that oversees and oversees all forms of gaming activity is the National Gaming Board Uganda. The gaming regulatory body was established under the Lotteries and Gaming Act which has been in effect on April 8, 2016. The Uganda Lotteries and Gaming Act is supported by a set of five regulations which have been in effect since May 27, 2016. According to the Law on Lotteries and Gaming, the National Gaming Board Uganda is responsible for:

  • Approval of all operators of casinos, lotteries and betting houses
  • Regulate all gambling operators in the country
  • Oversee all operations in the gaming industry
  • Protect the Ugandan public from the adverse effects of the industry
  • Promote transparency, honesty and integrity in the industry
  • Receipt and resolution of complaints
  • Promote responsible gaming practices

The National Gaming Board responsible for overseeing all industry activities also has the right to conduct reviews, investigations and inspections of all gambling operators as well as to issue new guidelines, instructions and guidelines for management. Of the industry. Regarding gambling laws in Uganda, the Lotteries and Gaming Act which has been in force since 2016 is the main piece of legislation that has streamlined several other gambling laws in Uganda.

The rise of online casinos in Uganda

As estimated in 2021, there were over twelve million active internet users in the country, which is a smaller portion of the country’s population of over forty million people. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of active internet users in the country increased by around fourteen percent, or more than one million people. As estimated at the start of 2021, internet penetration in the country was around twenty-six percent, which is significantly lower than internet penetration rates in several other African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. However, internet use in Uganda has increased and local entrepreneurs have been to go on the Internet to boost their businesses.

Despite the fact that few Ugandan residents use the internet, the online casino industry is booming with the emergence of several big international brands such as Betway, 888 Casino, Genesis Casino, Spin It Casino, Casino Cruise, Jackpot City Casino. , Sloty, Casino Las Vegas and Vegas Hero among many others.

In fact, gambling activity is increasing not only in Uganda but in many other African countries, but the Ugandan online casino gaming industry has more to offer. Due to favorable taxes, international operators feel more encouraged to enter this flourishing market. The Ugandan online casino gaming market is also fully licensed and regulated by the National Lottery and Gaming Regulator, which has resulted in a significant increase in online gambling activity.

Several other factors have also boosted the country’s online casino industry including low margins in combination with lenient gambling laws and favorable fixed costs. Even though Uganda has not yet reached the desired level of modernization and technological development, online casino gambling activities are widespread. Even though sports betting activities remain the first choice of Ugandan players, online casinos attract a lot of players.

In fact, Uganda’s online casino player base has grown at a rapid pace and will continue to grow as a result of the country’s increasing internet penetration rates. Although the Ugandan online casino industry is not as thriving as that of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, it is following it closely.

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