Top 12 Upcoming Online Slots

Casino slot machines are all about fun, lights, glamor and glitz. When the shine starts to fade on your favorite games it’s time to change it up and luckily game operators are always updating your favorites with new technology, graphics and bonus games.

After the confinements of yesteryear, it’s time to find something to look forward to and change the monotony. We review the best new, updated and upcoming slot games to keep you entertained. The best way to test out new slot releases is with free spins no deposit bonuses, such as those offered by Zebra Casino.

#1. Chicken Chute

As a sucker for goofy cartoon graphics, Chicken Drop is a solid addition to any game library from Pragmatic Play.

Chicken Drop has a very respectable RTP of 96.5%, but be sure to check the fine print when playing as the makers allow two other settings that can lower the RTP to around 94%. Make sure that wherever you play it is set to the highest setting or else you might lose a little more.

Chicken Drop has a big 5000x jackpot cluster bonus. It’s definitely worth the chuckle and there are plenty of bonuses and wilds to get you there.

8x Multiplier at Chicken Drop

#2. Immortal Romance Mega Moolah

Seasoned players will immediately recognize a few games on this list and Immortal Romance is one of the biggest names in the gaming world. Immortal Romance is one of the most popular slot games and there is a space for them. dedicated in any casino in the world.

The Mega Moolah version is the spiritual successor to the original 2011 version. There is plenty to be won here with a 12,150x payout and it is also connected to the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot system which is the white whale of slots players. under everywhere. It is more volatile than other slots with a lower RTP, but it has one of the biggest payouts.

#3. elven gold

Microgaming brings us the fantastic game, Elven Gold. It has stylish illustrations and wild bonuses. The big money comes from the owl scatter reels. The more owls on the screen, the higher the payout. With a maximum of 12 on screen, players are looking at a 15,000x payday.

There are fewer big bang moments than some of the other games on this list, but with this one you’ll still have better luck.

#4. Megaways piggy bank

The graphics and theme may be standard for Piggy Bank Megaways, but you cannot dispute the results.

The main appeal of Piggy Bank is its respin feature. When a respin is triggered, players will get 3 new spins to try and fill the reels with scatter symbols. Each time a new scatter symbol appears, it becomes sticky and stays on the reels while the number of respins resets to 3 new spins.

#5. Savage Lightning Bolt

Another update to a classic, Thunderstruck gets a facelift since its original release in 2010.

The theme is the same but the graphics and gameplay have all been updated. Thunderstruck offers a ton of new bonuses ranging from 25x to 15,000x the original bet.

It will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

#6. Max Dangerous and the Lost Relics

Max Dangerous is one of the favorite new themes to release this year. The artwork is great and all the symbols come together to make a really solid product.

The best bonuses here will be the cascading bonus which continually drops new symbols for the big payout.

#seven. Thai flower

It’s nice to see an Asian-inspired game that doesn’t touch any racial overtones. Thai Flower brings players to the beauty of Thailand with its simple yet pretty graphics.

The big payout here is a 50,000x return, but it has a lower RTP than some of the other games here.

#8. Fruit Festival 2

This fruity sequel is packed with fun graphics, a relatively high RTP of 96.5%, and a max payout of $500,000.

Unlike a few other remakes on this list, Fruit Party is getting a touch-up just a year after its original release in 2020, but it’s a welcome change regardless.

#9. Loot Bay

As a fan of pirate themes, Booty Bay does a great job interweaving themes with bonuses.

The RTP is at 96.4% which is okay, but the volatility of the machine is high due to multiple different mini-games and bonuses. Although it’s not as safe as some of the others, it’s probably my favorite, aesthetically.

#ten. Megaways Spicy Meatballs

A great game with a ridiculous theme, players will see spicy meatballs flying from the sky to land and give multiplier bonuses to 96.6 RTP. There are a ton of ways to win, but it’s quite volatile and can be daunting for new players.

I still can’t get over the flaming meatballs like meteors falling from the sky. Just worth a look.

#11. X-Ways accumulator

The X-Ways system is back with Hoarder, a post-apocalyptic slot set in NoLimit City.

The theme is ok but society seems to have been inundated with apocalypse themes lately and in the wake of 2020 this might be a little too close to home. X-Ways bonuses, spins and wilds should make up for this though.

#12. Honolulu Nights

If you’re looking for something with a bit more relaxed vibe, the next Honolulu nights are where it’s at. With only 3 reels and 5 paylines, it’s a nice easy slot for beginners or a nice break from the massive 50 paylines you often see on newer slots.

The RTP is set at around 95% and the big payout is smaller than most, but should hit more often.

Slot machine lovers, play

With these new releases, there is sure to be a theme, a style and a jackpot for every slot player. Have fun with free spins and no deposit bonuses for even bigger wins!

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