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Following a tender, GambleAware is awarding £2.5 million to GamCare, YGAM and its partners, and Adferiad Recovery to expand The Gambling Education Hub service across England and Wales in as part of its commitment to help reduce the harms of youth gambling.
The Gambling Education Hub (The Hub) is a gambling education program that includes toolkits, training and peer-to-peer theater performances. It is aimed at professionals and volunteers who work with young people and families, as well as at young people, parents and carers themselves.
Expansion follows independent assessment[1] GambleAware commissioned the Scottish Gambling Education Hub (The Hub) by IFF Research, which reveals the success of its early intervention and prevention methods leading to dramatic improvements in awareness and understanding of gambling harms
The Hub, which primarily targets practitioners, educators and youth workers, uses early intervention and prevention methods to reduce the harms of gambling in children and young people, working holistically within local communities, to promote a safer environment – especially for those most at risk

GambleAware today announced the expansion of its Gambling Education Centers in England and Wales, following a successful pilot project in Scotland. The Hubs, which help prevent gambling harm in young people through early intervention and education, resulted in 92% of Scottish Hub practitioners saying they felt confident identifying signs of gambling harm , compared to only 35% before the training. The Hubs also resulted in more than eight in ten young people in the Scottish Hub saying they were more aware of the consequences of gambling and 84% felt confident about where to turn for help if needed.

This investment from GambleAware comes at a critical time, with hubs designed to reach all communities across nations by engaging at the local level in ways central government sometimes cannot. Young people are increasingly exposed to easily accessible gambling thanks to the growth of online games and social media. A GambleAware study published in 2020 showed that 94% of 11-17 year olds in Britain had been exposed to gambling adverts in the past month, seeing six adverts on average[2]. This data has directly led to the recent caps and restrictions placed on industry advertisers to further limit their appeal to children and youth.

The Scottish Hub provided gambling education to almost 3,000 professionals and volunteers working with young people, as well as young people themselves, parents and carers. GambleAware has partnered with Scottish national youth organization Fast Forward[3] implement the prevention program targeted locally. An independent evaluation of this project by IFF Research found that the Hub:

  • improved knowledge and awareness of the harms of youth gambling and gambling education among practitioners, and
  • reached over 15,800 young people, increasing their awareness of the consequences of gambling and giving them confidence to seek help.

Building on this success, GambleAware today announced the award of a £2.5 million grant to expand the Hub service to England and Wales. Following a tender process, the grant was won by GamCare, in partnership with YGAM, ARA, Aquarius, Beacon, Breakeven and Neca to carry out the work in England, and by Adferiad Recovery, which will carry out the work in Wales.

Anna Hemmings, Managing Director of GamCare, said: “We are delighted to receive this grant to provide play education centers across England. We work with a number of organizations that bring unparalleled experience of working with young people around these issues, including; Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM), Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA), Aquarius, Beacon, Breakeven and Neca, to provide education centers across England.

GamCare and our partners believe passionately that information about the risks associated with gambling should be a key part of educating young people, gaining parity with other risky behaviors such as drugs and gambling. alcohol.

We look forward to building on the successes of our work with young people, their parents and professionals in a new program to increase the visibility of local and national education and support, and to working with GambleAware and our partners towards our shared aspiration to reduce the harm associated with youth gambling.

Leon Marsh, Director of Hospital and Residential Services at Adferiad Recovery, said: “We look forward to working with GambleAware on this great initiative to help reduce gambling-related harm to young people and provide training, education and support. comprehensive resources to key stakeholders to reduce the risks associated with gambling addiction. We were delighted to learn that we had been selected to be suppliers to Wales’s Gambling Education Hub and look forward to replicating the success of the project currently being undertaken in Scotland. Our extensive knowledge and experience of youth services puts us in a good position to be able to deliver this project in Wales, and we are delighted to be able to offer young people this valuable service.

GamCare, together with YGAM and other partners, brings over nine years of experience delivering services to thousands of young people, including relevant skills, local knowledge and stakeholder networks. Meanwhile, Adferiad Recovery is an industry leader in addictions, mental health and youth services. Each organization is best positioned to drive the expansion of the Service Hub in their own region. The new hubs will also reflect differences in curricula, languages, regions, needs and demands, as well as nation-specific political and other contexts.

Zoë Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, said, “At a time when young people are increasingly exposed to gambling, delivering targeted local programs for gambling education and harm prevention has never been more important. . We hope to see the short-term positive impacts of Scottish Education Hub activities replicated in our new English and Welsh Education Hubs, and we are delighted to have awarded this grant to these two very experienced organisations.

“As a lead commissioner working to prevent gambling harm, GambleAware is committed to working with local organizations and stakeholders to fund and establish bespoke prevention programs in line with best practice. As young people in the UK now grow up being widely exposed to gambling marketing and advertising, these projects represent a significant step towards creating a society where all children and young people are protected from the risk of gambling-related harm.

Hubs in all countries will incorporate input from people with lived experience of gambling harms in the development of training content, service delivery and any supporting tools or resources. GambleAware expects the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and procedures to be central to the design, delivery and day-to-day operations of the Service.

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