Ways to play and tips for beginners in online slots

Slot machines (slots) can rightly be called the most popular game in real casinos and online. Why? – They are simple and at the same time very attractive for beginners in the game. You play one-on-one with the machine and have the possibility of winning large sums of money in a single round (if you are lucky enough sure). However, nowadays there is a huge amount of Vegas slots online with various decors and themes. For beginner players, such settings can be very frustrating, so let’s take a quick look at the settings and user interface of online slots.

Settings in online slots games

As soon as the money is thrown on the casino scale, you can get into the slot machine game, or you can try to play for free. slot machines without download and registration. Most online casinos have this option, when you can play any slot machine game for free, a kind of try before you buy. Now let’s see the configuration options:

  • BET SIZE. Slot machines have a button to increase / decrease the bet rate – the cost of a coin per spin. More often than not, it looks like a coin or bears the inscription “1 Credit Play”. Press the – / + button until the desired coin value is displayed.
  • LINES. Various cell combinations for slot machine symbols. This button allows you to increase / decrease the number of such lines while increasing / decreasing the bet amount. A payout (or simply a win) occurs when three identical symbols appear on the lines selected by the player. The existing lines as well as the winning combinations of symbols can be found in the slot machine information.
  • COINS. This button defines the number of pieces “thrown” into the machine. Remember that a coin’s value is set by another button (see Bet Size above). As a result, with an increase in the bet, the payouts in the event of a winning combination also increase.
  • MAX BET. By pressing this button, the Slot Machine will set all parameters to the maximum values ​​and the reels will start spinning. You can check the maximum values ​​in the Location Information menu.
  • TOURNAMENT. And finally, when you press this button, the game will start with the parameters specified by the player.

Slot machines with progressive jackpot

The most popular online slots option among players and offers the biggest payouts of all other games of chance. The main thing about progressive slots is that whoever is lucky enough to get the jackpot combination will receive a huge amount of money. The progressive jackpot grows daily and it often takes over a month or even a year for someone to hit the jackpot. When this happens, the casino starts the jackpot over from the minimum size (usually its six-figure sum), which increases until it is won again.

The range of options is impressive, and most operators have several progressive jackpots available to their players.

Now let’s take a look at the tips for newbie players.

Tip # 1 – Payment and withdrawal system

Before you start the game, think about how you will withdraw your funds if you win. In most casinos, the way you used to fund your deposit will also be the way you cash out your winnings.

Therefore, it will not be superfluous to compare the commission and conversion percentages of payment systems.

Tip # 2 – Read the instructions for the games

Even if you are far from a beginner and have played slots online before, you should first familiarize yourself with the slot machine’s instructions by clicking on the “Info” button ( Yes “).

This will help you understand the payment terms of paylines and bonuses and play more efficiently.

Tip # 3 – Don’t play slots during a commercial break

It will not be difficult to lose a few dollars in slot machines, because compared to other casino games (roulette, baccarat, etc.), the probability of a big win in a short period is not so high. But at the same time, the game is very funny and exciting.

So, if you decide not only to spend a few minutes of free time, but to win something, then you need to spend more time playing. If you want to win, take it more seriously!

Tip # 4 – The higher the bet, the higher the winnings

When playing slots, the rule still applies: it is better to bet 1 coin (1 coin = 5 cents) on 1 line in a five-cent game than to bet 5 coins per line in a one-cent game. (1 coin = 1 cent).

Although in the first and second case you bet 5 cents in total. In the first case, your chances of winning will be much higher.

Tip # 5 – Always place your maximum bet

You should always be aware of the value of 1 coin in the game. Bet the maximum number of coins. This is necessary to make the maximum bet (“Max Bet”) and at the same time activate all the winning lines of the slot machine – this way you will significantly increase your chances of a winning combination and the jackpot.

Hence, it is worth playing in the slot machine that you can afford. Otherwise, it will be very unpleasant to miss the jackpot because you will not be able to place the “Max Bet”.

Tip # 6 – There are no “lucky” or “unlucky” slots

Although players often try to determine which slot machine is winning and which is not, such conclusions are without merit. Even if you won on a particular slot machine, that doesn’t mean it will be repeated. It also doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

Gains and losses don’t depend on what happened before – it’s absolute fluke, nothing more.

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