Why Android is Better for Online Slots Than Apple IOS

by Analytics Insight

October 2, 2021

The recent popularity of online slots has prompted many people to give up gambling in land-based casinos and play on their cell phones. Not only is it more convenient, but the ease of play and the abundance of games available make it a great option for all casinos enthusiasts who have neither the time nor the money to travel. The question remains: Android vs. Apple?

Apple products are renowned for their sleek, intuitive design and user-friendly interface. But when it comes to playing online slots on your smartphone, the Android platform is still the best choice. Let’s discuss the reasons why:

Download slot machine apps

Online casinos are becoming more and more accessible with the introduction of cell phone gambling.

Players who own smartphones or tablets can now download casino apps to these devices for quick and easy access to their favorite games. The two players in this field are Android and IOS (Apple). The latter is very restrictive on what you can download to your phone, while the former is much more lenient. Here are a few reasons why Android has the edge over Apple when it comes to online casino apps for slots players.

1) Slot machine applications

Android users have access to various indie slot machine games, which can be downloaded to your device for quick access to the games. Unfortunately, anyone with an Apple phone will have much less luck in this department as they are not allowed to download many casino apps that Android users can download.

2) diversity

The same goes for all types of casino apps, including live dealer casino apps. The great part of Android is that you can quickly and easily download any app for any purpose. Of course, there is a narrower range of apps available on Android than there is on Apple, but gamers who like to use their phones for slot games will find the choice of slot apps far superior.

3) Availability

As more and more operators offer slot machine apps for Android slot players, the apps are also available in more locations. For example, many major bookies won’t allow you to bet on horse racing or other sports through your phone if you have an Apple device, but they will with Android.

4) Compatibility

The two operating systems can be very similar, but there are enough differences to prevent all Android apps from working on Apple. Unfortunately, this means that if you have an IOS phone there are far fewer casino apps to download on your device.

5) Variety

Of course, the games themselves are very similar in all online casinos whether they are downloadable or not. Nonetheless, players will find a wider choice when they get Android, as there are more variations of slots apps to download.

Android browser casino games

Google’s Android operating system has become one of the most popular platforms for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means that slot developers are starting to make progress towards creating better Android compatible slot games.

These games are likely to be ported to Android as Android smartphones and tablets are now available for a wide range of budgets.

This means that developers can make money with casino games on more devices and potentially target low-income users who wouldn’t want to spend too much on an expensive device. On the other hand, Apple iPhones and iPads tend to focus on the wealthier markets. Users would prefer to pay more for a quality device to play their favorite casino games.

IOS browser based casino

The advantage of the system is that it is very secure and well protected against malware. Moreover, it makes playing in an online casino even more fun, because you can be sure that your device will not be hacked (and therefore will not lose all your money).

However, there are also disadvantages as an Android user that you might encounter. The main problem is that the browser on Apple devices is rigorous and standardized. This means that it will never support some apps that can easily be found in the Android play store, like casino games.

Apple also has a much more limited number of mobile models and series than Android, and they all come with preinstalled browsers and apps which can be quite different from version to version.

Android is an open platform than Apple IOS, which means you can install any app on your device. However, this can be advantageous and disadvantageous as it can end up with viruses or malware installed without permission.

Android and IOS Casino Bonuses

Casinos occasionally offer bonuses to attract new players, and they are excellent. We all love free money after all! However, IOS casinos tend to offer more no deposit bonus than Android casinos which is why Android casinos are better.

Another reason why Android Online Slots are better than IOS Online Slots is what happens when you run out of bonus money or free spins! When playing for real money at IOS casinos, you need to make a deposit before you can continue playing. However, it is not necessary to deposit your own money in android casinos when you run out of bonus funds because the games are not blocked. So the only thing that limits Android casino players is time!

Pros and cons for Android and Apple

With native apps, iOS and Android can make video calls. Both provide a single inbox for all of your email accounts. Both allow you to use your phone to pay for things in the real world when supported. Both will allow you to set up an access point to link your other devices. Either way, millions of apps are accessible in their respective app stores.

The downside of the iPhone is that it is not flexible and customizable.

By comparison, Android is more liberal, which translates to a much larger selection of phones to begin with and more choices of operating system configuration once you’re up and running.


Android is perfect for online slots than Apple IOS. This article explains why you should upgrade to Android, along with a few pros and cons of each operating system for good measure.

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